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  1. Okay, I know many contributors here prefer the Maverick new 732.  I get that it is accurate and easy.  As I'm just kinda starting down the path of addiction, moving from a small brinkman charcoal-converted-to-electric to possibly ordering MES 40 from Sam's, I see the newest model there has the MES remote unit now.  My question is - Does anyone here have experience yet with this new remote model?  Since it's new, I guess it's possible they got the bugs worked out of their previous inaccurate one..maybe?

    "Selling" the idea of an add-on before I even get the main smoker is not going to go well[​IMG]
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    This is a great smoker I have had mine for several weeks now and love it. The probe is off so don't use it for your temp. I to got the maverick it is what works. The remote for the smoker is very nice and it works for a great distance. So I vote to get the mes40 and get the extra warranty. Also call master built and tell them you would like the retro kit for the smoke tray there is no cost for it.:grilling_smilie:
  3. Thanks for the affirmation and recommendations Robert.  I am definitely looking forward to getting the MES.  Too bad our Sam's don't carry them.  Guess the folks in Bentonville don't reckon we yanks North of the Mason-Dixon line need easy access to these.  Extra bucks for shipping (that I could have put towards that ET723) but still a whole lot better than the "Worlds Foremost Outfitter" prices.
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    The worlds foremost MES 40 is $50 to $100 more than the Sam's MES 40, but their's is all stainless steel, inside & out. Sometimes they have free shipping too.

  5. Ah-ha!  Figured there might be some difference.  I am glad I'm not the manufacturer that has to keep track of the slight differences between models for all the big retailers.  I talked to Masterbuilt customer service today to find out if the Sam's model had the remote probe or not - Sam's customer service didn't know.  She mentioned that they were getting ready to update their website with all the models they manufacture (import).  That might make it a bit easier to comparison shop.

    I don't know if the stainless model will make anything taste better or not, but I'm sure it would show my slovenly cooking habits much quicker than a mostly non-stainless one will!
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    It has been my experience that the girls who answer the phones at Masterbuilt don't know which smoker has what, and who sells what where. Also the people at the stores aren't sure what the model they're selling has either.

    "Texacajun" made the best list I ever saw, by model number, so if you can find out the model number the store has, you can look at this list (below) to see what the one they are selling includes.

    Model number list:

  7. Bear, I hope you are wrong in this case about the knowledge of the girl I talked to.  After 'confirming' that the Sam's model had remote probe, wheels, and a handle I went ahead and ordered.  Guess we'll see in a few days.  It's still listed at Sam's as 20070810 but I honestly wasn't clear from the conversation with the CSR that that in fact is the model Sam's is actually shipping.

    That is some list Texacajun put together.  Masterbuilt ought to comp him a smoker and use the list for themselves...a lot of payroll hours would be saved on their end.

    Thanks for all your input.

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    Let us know when you get it.
  9. Tracking says Friday!  A-maze-n should be here today or tomorrow.  Headed down towards Bear's part of the state on Saturday (Millersville) and with a touch of luck, should get something smokin on Sunday.
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    Millersville, or as they say around this area---"Millerswille"!

    My teacher Niece went to Millersville, and all I got was a hat & a coffee mug!     LOL

  11. You should be a guest chef there once a week.  My daughter is not too big on their food - well any food actually, but she will eat just about anything that comes off the smoker or hardwood fire.  They claim to actually have an 'executive chef' preparing their dining hall foods.  That might have to change with the new budgets and all.  ***Sorry if I got off topic, will try not to let that happen again***

  12. I'm just a tad behind, but here we go.

    Smoker arrived as expected just over a week ago on Friday.  Sam's had told me the smoker would not have the remote meat probe/control, but I suspected differently after reading a review on their website and checking with Masterbuilt.  Sam's customer service didn't get it right, Masterbuilt did!  Sam's lists 20070810 (still) on their website, but they are shipping 20070211.  It's on Texacajun's list. (SS door/with window, black body,1200 Watt heating element,remote control,wheels/handle,with heating element access door,small wood chip tray).  Perfect for me.

    Here's the Sam's current smoker and model #:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Was able to do a seasoning on it Sunday, then went for my first smoke on this bad boy.  Had limited time due to family work schedules so concluded a chicken was going to be the test smoke.  Had about a 5.5 lb young chicken, previously frozen and thawed in the fridge for about 3 days.  Was an 'all natural' waterchilled bird.  I used a basic brine- 1/2 gal water, 1/2 sugar, and 2/3 cup Morton Kosher salt.  Brined the bird for 3 1/2 hours, as I was out of time.  More might have been a good thing, but I can tell you the bird was still tender juicy with just the 3 1/2 hours.

    Pulled out of the brine and rubbed under the skin and the entire surface with my all purpose rub (salt, pepper, brn sgr, wht sgr, cumin, chile pwdr, garlic pwdr, onion pwdr, paprika, cayenne). Into the MES at 275, regular hickory chips in the chip tray, and pulled it off at about 165* (2 hours 5 minutes).  Checked the temp with my normal digital kitchen thermometer and it was almost to the degree with the MES probe!  Left it stand for about 15 minutes and literally pulled the legs, wings and breasts off the bone.  Only used a knife to slice the breast for serving.  

    275* on the brined chicken skin was not enough to crisp it.  Had we not been pressed for time, I would have stuck it in the oven for a few minutes to crisp the skin.  As it was...well, it sure smelled good anyways.

    The bird was gone in 15 minutes between the 3 of us.  All in all, not a bad start, especially with the time constraints. Sorry about the lack of Q-View, but I did get one shot of the bird after it came out of the smoker:


    Next up:  6 lb pork rib roast (currently on the smoker)!
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    Congrats on the MES 40, tinkerin!

    And nice looking Bird---Nice color!

  14. Thanks Bear. It was rather pretty, even before photoshopping (just kidding). For one of the few times something that looked good tasted good [​IMG]
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    I too got one from Sams.

    Same deal here. Sams said it was the 810, but it was the 211 with remote. Masterbuilt sent retrofit kit when I gave them model and serial number. Great folks. I got A-maze-N last week and frankly it is amazing.
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    The one I got from Sam's has the remote, wheels, SS Door, and a handle on the back. If that helps any.

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