MES Accessory kit and what I've learned over a year having MES40

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by ats32, May 8, 2013.

  1. ats32

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    Yeah yeah yeah...another MES thread.

    Ordered this from QVC after catching a segment on Masterbuilt stuff a week ago:,-Glove-&-Rib-Rack.product.K39300.html

    It seems like good quality and for about $27 shipped it's a good deal to get the carving gloves, rib rack, and mesh mat. It only comes with one mat so don't let the picture fool you like it fooled the idiots in the review section.

    What I've learned over a year of owning the MES 40:

    -Foil the drip tray and poke a hole in the drain for easier cleaning. You don't want built up fat becoming rancid on the bottom if it doesn't drain. Drip tray is dishwasher safe.

    -The racks are dishwasher safe and yes, clean them often.

    -Make a foil tent over the smoke box so any drips do not hit it and create a burnt smoke.

    -If using your water pan; fill it high or check it often as there is good airflow in this unit and evaporation happens fast. A dry water pan can create a mess and even smoke at high temps if it gets too dried out whilst creating a bad smoke.

    -If smoking for more than 4 hours, use another smoke source or you may end up opening the smoker to empty the smoke box of ash. I also suggest the a-maze-n ( and/or the MES Cold Smoking Kit if you can find one. Or if you're cheap like a friend of mine is, we built a smoking kit out of two throw away aluminum roaster pans, mini aluminum pan, dryer vent, single Black & Decker portable burner and a couple brackets/screws for about $25. lol

    -The thermometer isn't as bad as people have said in the past. It's usually within 2 degrees of my other more expensive thermometers.

    -The remote sucks and keep it away from friends.

    -The best tool for cleaning the inside of the window is this little sponge thing:

    I'll probably think of more...and any other lessons, tips, and tricks are welcome.
  2. chef jimmyj

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    That doesn't seem like a bad deal...JJ
  3. X2 and some great tips too! Thanks
  4. makshak

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    Cleaning the window of the MES 40?? I tried everything under the kitchen sink and even a razor blade scraper. Zero,, zip, nope.

    I don't know how OSHA or the FDA feels about it, but put a small amount of Acetone on a paper towel (use gloves), wipe it over the window, and that crud from the smoke is GONE in one pass. Do not get the acetone on anything but glass, and that includes gaskets. Follow up with a soap and water cleaning and rinse. Works great.
  5. geerock

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    Try good old basic Dawn. Straight. Let it sit there for a couple minutes and then wipe again with more Dawn. Should rinse with water after that.
  6. ats32

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    That Mr Clean magic eraser with a little water and vinegar worked incredibly easy and fast for the inside of the window.
  7. I use a scotchbrite pad and warm soapy water  - does the trick every time, but I also clean it after every smoke.


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