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MES 40 Temp Probes

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Just ordered a MES40 from Sams Club.  I read somewhere on this site that this model comes with a remote controller which allows the user to display and adjust the temps.  How accurate are these probes?  I am about to place an order for an A-Maze-N pellet smoker from Todd and was wondering if I should add a Maverick ET-732 to my order.  It seems kind of redundant to have the ET-732 when the MES40 comes with a remote readout.

I hope my smoker gets here quickly.  When I placed the order from Sams Club, the website said "very low stock".  Soon after placing my order, the web site now says the MES40 is "out of stock".  Hopefully my order went through okay and I am getting one prior to them running out of stock again.

Any opinions on the provided temp probes versus the ET-732 would be welcomed.   


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You should definitely get the Maverick. Yes the new MES comes with a remote for adjusting the temps, but the MES controller is some what inaccurate. It may say the MES is at 220 degrees, but it may be anywhere between 200-240 or even more off than that in some cases. You need a reliable temp probe at the grate level to get accurate readings. The MES also will be as much as 20 degrees different in different areas of the chamber. The right rear is the hottest spot. Knowing that you would want to put the thickest pieces of meat toward that area. Hope this helps & I hope your new MES is on it's way.


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What Al said.  Also the range on the Maverick remote is incredible.  That and being able to set alarms for food temp, as well as high & low temps in the smoker.
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Thanks for the responses.  I just finished placing my order for the pellet smoker, ET-732 and several varieties of wood pellets.  Can't wait to get the MES40 and my AMNPS.  I'm not sure how quick Sams Club is on shipping but it is showing the earliest delivery date as 7/1.  It would be great to have my new toys prior to the upcoming holiday weekend.


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