MES 40 Temp Control Problem

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by dirtyd, Dec 27, 2011.

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    Two issues I have run into both regarding temperature.

    The first one is probably the largest issue. The butt is stuck at ~185. I thought this was too high for a stall, so I wanted to check it out. The reading on my MES is 230, the reading on my Macverick is 228, and the temp on the meat probe inside is 191. I tested the Maverick last night in some boiling water and it read fairly close so I figure 2/3 takes it. Is this too high for a stall and require a trip to the oven while I figure out what is going on or do I just need to sit down and find something to do other than staring at this thermo?

    While smoking a butt last night I ran into a problem with my new MES40. While it was heating up and I was trying to sort out the AMNPS I noticed the temp had switched to 275. I figured I set it up wrong(wouldn't be the first time) so lowered it and really didn't think anything more of it. But later when I glanced at my thermo I noticed the temperature was going up to 250+. When I went outside to make sure everything was ok I found that the control had reset the temperature to 275 again and it was trying to climb to that.

    Has anyone else had this issue? [​IMG]

  2. Well as far as the thermometer problems I think you would have a hard time finding any two thermometers to read the same unless you can calibrate them

    I have the MES 30 I personally have never had a butt stall out at that high of a temp and I can't recall ever hearing that either usually some where around 145 to maybe 160, but that could be just my experience, I'm no Chef

    I have never experienced those types of problems with my heat controller, perhaps that is where the whole problem lies

    I would try a dry run say starting at 120 and leave it there for 30 min to 1hr and keep bumping it up slowly  and giving it some time to hold that temp and see if you can see whats going on,

    or call masterbuilt they may know what is going on
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    I have had both butts & briskets stall at that high of a temp. It not a common place to stall at, but they will do it. It also sounds like the controller is not working correctly. Are you using the remote or are you setting the temp on the machine? If your using the remote, try setting the machine with the remote off & see if that helps.
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    I have had butts stall twice, once at a lower temp , and again at a higher temp, every butt is different. As Al said its not common but it does happen. Trust your thermometer, and wait it out.
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    Did your home have a "power bump" that could have reset the controller ????  Strange... Dave

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