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  1. So I got a MES 30 and so far I have smoked bacon wrapped chicken breasts, salmon, mac and cheese, and made jerky. Due to the extreme temps that were out here in Nebraska it was difficult to maintain the temperature so I brought it into the garage took out a ~~window and made a chimney for it.

    Which seemed to work real well. The only issue i had was the condensation running down the chimney, so I insulated the pipe so the heat would travel up higher and out, which fixed the problem.

    Then I read on here about making Jerky so I bought a High mountain kit and used Eye of round which ws good but there was still a lot of moisture in it. I read on here about using a computer fan but then I bought a 4" duct booster and made this to pick up the air flow. I took the chip tray out. when I use this and it seemed to work really well. I smoked it for one hour at 200 degrees then turned the temp down to 165 with smoke. Next I removed the chip tray and placed my attachment on and after  8 hrs the bend test showed it was good. I placed the stuff in a ziplock bag and don't have any moisture build up like the last batch.

    Here is a pic of the attachment.

    This time though there was a lot of moisture built up in the drip pan that ran over and I had to keep dumping.

    I just want to say thanks for all the info I got off this site and to share what I learned from it.
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    Nice work, there, longhorn!  Welcome to the forum.  Lots of great info and good folks here.  One suggestion on the exhaust....why not just use a horizontal termination?  You're travelling a pretty long way for a passive exhaust..... well semi-passive now that you have the computer fan.
  3. the chimney is only used when I smoke so the fan is not hooked up because I think it would cause the chips to flame up. I use the fan to dehydrate jerky.

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