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  1. I am smoking 2 8lb pork boneless pork butts for 22 woman (wife's sisters bridal shower) obviously I want a safe entree. My question is after washing meat applying rub, and preheating smoker to 275 can I insert the internal meat probe right away? I have never had a problem before but then again I have never smoked for this many people. My plan is to smoke till 160 then wrap with foil juice til it is 2055 let rest for an hour then pull. Thanks for any comments. Love this time of year and sorry I haven't spent much time on here. I will be posting pics of the butts.
  2. Sorry didn't see I was smoking to 2055 degrees, not sure but a blow torch doesn't seem appropriate, let's try 205.
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    Hello magnus89.

    If you pierce the surface of the raw meat, you run the risk of pushing surface bacteria into the muscle of the meat.  This would probably be OK as long as you got the internal temp of the butts up to at least 140* in less than 4 hours.  But to be safe, many of us, including me, wait (I usually wait 3-4 hours) to put in the meat probe.  That way, any bacteria that may have been residing on the surface of the meat has been killed.

    Good luck!  Looking forward to seeing your Qview!

  4. I would agree but the probe is built in with the smoker and gives you a digital reading on top of unit. If the internal temp is say 250 wouldn't the probe be also?
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    I'm afraid I must not understand the question...if you're asking specifically about the built in meat probe, I never used the one in my MES. I always doubted its accuracy and used my maverick probes instead, because I knew they were true.

    As far as poking the probe into your raw meat, even if the probe is very policy is to always err on the side of caution. You can probably do it and no one gets sick...but why take the chance when it's no more trouble to wait a couple hours to probe??

    Just my 2 cents...

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