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Feb 7, 2012
Crest Hill, IL
This goes out to all the MES 30 and AMZIN smoke box users. Let me say this first I'm a stick burner guy by nature here. I've got this MES 30 and the AMZIN smoke box. For the life of me I can't get the hang of how to keep the smoke box lit and running strong. Here's my procedure, warm up the MES exhaust full open, chip loader and chip tray removed, water pan and drip deflector installed (tried it with them both removed as well). Pack the smoke box with pellets tightly to the top of the rows (have also warmed the pellets in the microwave to dry out any moisture for about a minute) light one end with a torch until have red coals and let it burn for a while. Blew out the flame and let it smolder for a minute, placed the smoke box on cent of bottom rack or on drip tray. Put foil above smoke box to prevent drip-page. Insert food and let it go, monitor progress not much smoke being produced, open door and give the embers a few blows to get them going (do this multiple times). Let it go and cook come back the tray has gone out within the first inch maybe two of start point. Tried a couple of different types of pellets with pretty close to same results. Couple of times would get it t burn all the way thru 1 out of ten times. So diagnosis my problem here and help me get this thing right. Thanks Jason
I just used my AMNPS for the first time today in my MES30. It's still running jerky at about 140f which is too low to use the chip loader.

I filled two trays and lit the AMNPS with a torch and let it burn with a flame for 10 min (per instructions) then blew it out and blew on the coals for a short time. I left the chip loader on the opposite side cracked open for air inlet.

It's been running for two hours steady and I just looked and it's burned almost 1/2 of the first tray.

Maybe leave the chip loader pulled out to feed fresh air to the AMNPS. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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