Merry Xmas to me - no pics }=

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Nov 27, 2013
For xmas-eve din-din we chose to do a Mexican theme this year.

I got a 17 pound pack of two Boston Butts from Sam's Club, rubbed with my mystery mixture - I just grab stuff and throw it in the bowl - let sit about 14 hours. Brought out of the fridge a bit more than 2 hours before they were going into the smoker to let them rise to room temp. 

In the meantime, the GF brought me a 7 pound ribeye roast. Her through was we could eat on that Monday evening while the pork smoked.  ECB doesn't have spake for all three!

I rubbed the beef with minced garlic, some Famous Dave's rub, extra black pepper, and olive oil, rubbed and allowed to warm to room temperature too.

The high temp on De 23 was about 20°F.

I've modded my smoker with felt gasket and cardboard layers, and added a fiberglass welding blanket to help control the temperature on the cooler days. Additionally I have a Weber grill wok with bolts for legs, for the fire basket, a couple fire bricks mostly used for making a serpentine path in the wok.

 I made m y fire and dont wait too long to put the meat in - other wise I risk loosing the built heat. I get it going for a few minutes, double check everything is in place and get the meat in there.

I did keep a nice 230°F until I got internal temp of 150°. I watch the smoker temp and if it starts to rise or fall too much I will pull the wok out and shake out the ash, and add new charcoal and wood (cherry) for a backtrack through the serpentine path. I had my Maverick and a no-name thermometer. The no-name was monitoring the top butt which was running about 10° lower than the Maverick in the bottom butt. I wrapped the butts at 150°F in foil and swapped them on the racks.

In the meantime, I used my small chip box with Apple on the gas grill for the ribeye roast. with the beef in an aluminum pan raised up on a few rolled up bits of foil - not as high as it should have been, but it'll have to do. Got the grill at about 275°, fluctuating a little, then dipping - had to change the lp tank. Hit about 135° in the internal temp, and ran it inside to a 400 oven to brown the outside a little bit. I did miss med rare by a little, but it was still rockin! Can't say it got much smoke. The roast didn't take too long, about exactly as long as I calculated.

After the Prime dinner, the outside temperature was dropping quick, like down to 4° before 7pm. Instead of reloading the fire, I brought the two butts inside, oven at 300°. Finally hit 200°F internal, and cut off the oven, opened the door for 3 or 4 minutes ot lower the heat. I left them wrapped and resting in the oven.

Oh man! At 7am I pulled it all and portioned it to about 2 pounds per bag. Ended up with near 10 pounds from 17. Juicy and tasty! Pulled pork enchiladas!

Everyone loved it, I nearly gave out a couple bags as xmas gifts, but I'm no dummy!

It all came out great!

Notes to be noted. The no-name thermometer lost communication over and over at 20 feet. The Maverick sometimes is slow to update, and also occasionally looses communications, but regained more easily.  My other no-name never looses communication (used with the Ribeye roast). I have my smoker in clear view rather than slightly hidden by the garage. Brick around the front door and vinyl further away from the door. I do but plastic containers over the transmitters when it is precipitating. Maybe in June I'll get a better Maverick. (maybe a bigger smoker by then too!) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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