Memorial Day weekend

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May 21, 2006
Monroe, La
Thought we should see what everyone's cooking this weekend.

I already said in the last post that I am cooking Brisket.

I am also doing a surprise fish fry birthday party for my 81 year old Mother :D

Let's hear what everyone else is cooking.
I have a notion that pulled pork sandwiches would go real good this weekend. It depends on weather and if we are having company.

Of course we will remember the reason for this holiday.

Best to all,
As of now I am having 30 people over for a BBQ and UFC pay per view on Saturday... Going to smoke 6 or 7 Beer can chickens..... along with some Brats and burgers......

Have a GREAT (and safe) weekend..

So far it's looking like:
Saturday-Pulled Pork
Sunday-Pop Can Chicken
Monday-Spare Ribs
Hi Guys, It's a toss up for me this weekend.. I had pulled pork last week and ribs <actually I 1 rib> they went quick.. So I have a choice either ribs or brisket perhaps both.. If I'm going to start up the smoker why not.
But then again it all depends on who'll be here. If my step daughter comes <she's a vegaterian> I may save a cow and smoke her ... lol .. in any case I'll be smoke'en.

Three words, Gang...RIBS! RIBS! RIBS! That's been the tradition at my house for the last several years. Of course, there will be plenty of ABT's and chicken wings as well. Oh yeah,...and BEER!

Have a great one, all!

Saturday is all day at a friends, with friends, on a Klose BYC. Ribs, jerky, sausage, fatties, etc. All day smoke cook.

Sunday, its a 8# flat on the WSM

Monday is brisket chili in the croc.

Thats the plan, anyway
I don't think we'll get around to smoking this weekend. We're headed down to Table Rock Lake to see my sister and her family. We may grill but I don't think we'll be taking the smoker with us. Hope everyone enjoys a safe and fun holiday weekend.
Well..... Our Q is a total disaster. Woke up this morning at 4 am to get half of the chickens on the smoker. They came out OK, a little over done, but I can deal with that. Put the other 5 chickens on and the wind kicked up and I cant get the smoker above 168...... So I am having to move 4 of the 5 inside to the oven and I guess I am going to feed the dogs the last one that will not fit in the oven...... Hope others have more luck then here....
I feel your pain Snowman.

Got up at 3:00 AM, started smoker, put brisker on at 3:30AM, Hit 190 deg internal at 10:45. Pulled it off and let rest till 12:00. Should have been a lot more tender for the temperature. It's OK, good smoke ring, tastes OK, but should have been more tender.

On the other side, Mothers fish fry went well and I still have a swimming pool full of company that I have slipped away from.

Maybe your UFC pay per view will be better than the Q.
I grew up just south of St. Louis, so when it comes to barbecue its pork steaks. I have an Atlanta Stove Cuewagon charcoal grill that my wife gave me for my birthday in 67 that is still going strong. Unfortunately, pork in Colorado is tasteless. Luckily I have one package of pork steaks left in the freezer that I brought home from Missouri the last time we were there. I use corn cobs for smoking. I get a sweet smoke from them. Then I use Maull's Sweet and Smoky bbq sauce that I also brought from Missouri. I'm also going to smoke some jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and shrimp.

I did 3 pork steaks about a month ago. I thought my wife was going to stab my hand when I tried to get the third one. Fortunately, she decided to go vegan a couple of weeks ago, so I'll get the port steaks this weekend and she'll get some smoked, barbecued tofu.

The only thing I'll miss this weekend is a nice, sweet tomato like I used to grow in Missouri. I've been searching for one in Colorado for 18 years and still haven't found it. There's nothing better than a cold pork steak sandwich with a slice of tomato on it the day after - for breakfast.
Bought a new smoker and it's time to break it in...BBQ grillware vertical gas smoker..seasoned it in yesterday...gonna kill some chickin,ribs and sausage for the crew Monday ...8) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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