Meatloaf, 3 Fattys, Garlic Mashed Taters

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Jun 29, 2006
Peculiar, MO
Cleaned up and fired up the antique ECB. Ambient temp. 67 deg. F., light breeze, rain & mist off and on.
Lit a heaped pan of lump charcoal with hickory chunks, got the water pan in place and filled with hot water, installed the lower rack and put 3 fattys on, two Jimmy Dean Regular and one Jimmy Dean Sage.
Got the upper rack in and put the meatloaf on. Used Jeff's recipe with a couple mods, I put in about a third cup of Cattleman's BBQ Sauce and 6-7 generous shakes of worcestershire sauce, used crushed Town House Crackers. Foil pan I had was too large to fit the ECB so I had to do a bit of bending to make it fit. I usually poke a half dozen holes in the bottom and set it over another pan to allow grease and juices to drain off, didn't have another pan this trip.
I put the GrillAlert probe in the meatloaf and set it for hamburger, it automatically defaults to well done when set to hamburger, 160 deg. F. A bit over 2 hours later the meatloaf was done. I pulled the probe and put it in a fatty, defaults to well done for pork also, 170 deg. F. Coated the top of the meatloaf with Heinz catsup (Hunts sucks) and allowed it to smoke on for another hour, then pulled it off the ECB.
Jane got in from Tulsa just as I was putting the lid back on the smoker. I had potatos ready to boil for Ranger72's garlic mashed potatos, she jumped on that and whipped them up.
GrillAlert said the fattys were done while we were eating.
Gotta say, that meatloaf and garlic taters is simply the best. And the fattys turned out killer. Shared one with my neighbor and he flipped out.
Here's some porn..........................................
Meatloaf before & after, mashed taters, fattys & the sampler fatty.




Looks Great Mike!!!! Gotta love that antique should be doing a commercial for Brinkman
Looks awesome Mike! When I do a meatloaf I start it out in a disposable and then when it's getting close to being done I take it out of the pan. By this time it's cooked enough that it won't fall apart and it won't render much more grease. I do that so it's not sitting in the burger fat the whole time...I have yet to try the garlic mashed taters recipe. I've done my own, but not the one you tried...
Go with half the salt and taste test to see how it is. Two tablespoons is too much. Otherwise, pretty good taters.
Yeah, like I said, I normally drain the grease and juices into another pan, which I thought I had, but did not. Still came out tasty though. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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