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Stang, you might want to check Cabela's. They have a decent looking slicer for around $100. I have an old Rival slicer that is probably older than me. All metal, no plastic, quite a machine.
i have 29 dollar model from harbor frieght..
do the google to find their web site..

i baby this thing...
i wouldnt want to slice over 1/4 inch.
you can hear the moter straining with FAST 1/4 " loin cuts

i have sliced --smoked chuck roasts--pork loins--sausages--buck board bacon----block cheese---block turkey pastrami-- smoked fatty's

i just sliced a 2 lb summer sausage today--
guess what i had for lunch..

my unit looks exactly---i mean exactly the same as the 69 dollar cheapie by rival..
this unit [except for blade]is plastic..---it folds up into itself..

i am a very careful person..
this unit is good deal for me..

theey have stores in a lot of cities...

they have this unit on sale for 20 bucks a couple of times a year.
I got mine from Cabelas it was the $100 unit and while it is not a commercial grade unit it does the job for me just fine



Yesterday I picked up a Cooks Stainless steel slicer from J.C. Penney's on sale for $80.00. Retail on it was $130 IIRC.
What is the wattage on the slicer you picked up at Jc Penny's? How many watts do you guys think the motor needs to be in order to prevent bogging down when slicing meats?

I have that same great...used it on loins for Canadian bacon, as well as sirloin tip roasts....motor doesn't bog down at all ...easy to take apart and Rodger said...just wish the tray was a little larger...

The Cooks slicer blade is 7 3/8 from edge to edge. The owner manual states that it is 120V, 60hz, 100W. Doesn't give details about the motor size. The price they give you on the website is cheaper than what I paid, but I would think that the shipping may offset the total cost. I've only used it once and that was last night to slice some ham. It will slice from paper thin to 1 inch thick. I didn't notice any bogging down but the manual did state that the motor may slow down when slicing frozen foods. They recommend allowing the food to thaw a bit before slicing.
I saw this slicer at Linens and Things. I think it had a 130 watt motor if I remember correctly. How could we modify it with a bigger tray? Got any ideas?

GF, that J.C. Penney slicer by Cooks for $39 is a 120V, 60 Hz, 100 watt slicer. Itâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s ok for lighter work, once you have a feel for it. Not the fastest slicer I have ever used.
Here is a funny story: In early October 2006 I ordered one of these slicers on internet (free shipping), finally a few weeks later, I called to find out where my slicer was, tracked it and was told it was delivered to my door a week before. I was home that day, and it was never delivered. Eventually Penney sent me another. January 3, my neighbors son stopped over with a package addressed to me. My neighbor had left for his winter home in FL. in late September! The outside box looked sorta melted, but the inner box and slicer (wrapped in plastic) was flawless. I called the delivery service responsible and explained the situation and cost of item, condition of packaging, etc. They said forget about it. :roll: So I got a free backup!
The way to gauge your horsepower is that 746 watts is one horsepower.A 100 watt slicer is roughly 1/8 H.P.As some of you remember I played the slicer game and after two attempts I finally gave in and put out the bucks for a good slicer.Ill never regret it Im sure. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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