Meat Sales This Week

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Sep 19, 2018
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Probably the best deal I can find this week is Tyson leg quarters for $4.90 for a 10 lb. bag at Aldi's.

Kroger has 1/2 boneless pork loins for $1.88/lb. which isn't as cheap as I've seen, but you can buy the half that you prefer. Also USDA Choice 1/2 NY Strips for $6.99/lb.

Food Lion has USDA Choice Top Round for $3.99/lb.

KJ's, which is local to South Carolina, has 2-pack spare ribs for $1.99/lb.

Some of these sales may only be local to me and some may not start until tomorrow in other areas...
Winn Dixie has St. Louis or baby back ribs for $2.99/# Fri, Sat, Sun, weekend sale.

On another note, I thought I hit the jackpot yesterday. I went to Costco business center. I was looking to see what pork belly was running these days. First one I saw was $3.39/#. Not bad. Then my eye was caught by another one listed at $1.68/#. WTF?? Another one, and another one. 4 in all. I then noticed the sell by date was Jan 19th.. It didn't matter, I would bring them home and freeze them until I was ready to make some bacon. The problem was, since they didn't sell originally, there must have been some issue. Sure enough, probably 2% lean, 98% fat on all 4 of the cheap ones. Grabbed a nice looking 10 pounder at the $3.39 price.
I use an APP called FLIPP. It allows search through your favorite local stores weekly sales add. I use it all the time.

Local Meijer has Ribeye $9.99 lb and BOGO on pork back, spare ribs


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Dallas area Kroger has pork buts $0.97/lb starting today through next tues.
Tom Thumb/Alberstons had em $1.27/lb

Choice Ribeyes in family packs are on sale at both places $6.77-$6.97/lb.

Kroger also has spiral sliced hams for $0.49/lb if you like ham or want some. Heck of a deal for ham sandwich eaters or those who love ham on salads :)
No sales like that around me. I did visit the Costco Business center and for $61 I got 2 bone in pork shoulders, one full pork loin and 40 lbs. of chicken legs. Given I have a brisket and a steelhead trout filet plus 2 pork bellies in a brine ready for smoking my weekend will be football and smoking.
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