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Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by cab2g, Jun 1, 2012.

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    After reading a bit about the Maverick ET-732 I decided to purchase one. I hear that the probes cannot be submerged due to a the lack of a water tight seal between the braided cable and metal probe. I hear this is normal for all cabled probes. Has anybody tried sealing up the junction with high temp silicone? Will it affect the readings adversely? I have some extra 700 degree silicone and I figure that would help in case liquid somehow manages to get near the junction. Btw, the silicone I have has copper in it so my assumption is that it is conductive.
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    I put blue high heat automotive silicone on mine and have not had any negative effects, I am careful about getting them in the water and have not submerged them to test the silicone.Mine still boil test fine and have given me no problem.
  3. cab2g

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    Well I tried it. The probes still seem to read room temperature just fine! So far so good! The stuff I have says "sensor safe" whatever that means, so maybe that just means non-conductive. They should just write non-conductive on the packaging! Hopefully my probes won't be breaking any time soon.

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