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Jul 3, 2005
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Just think, no more frozen hands.This mixer will mix 20 lbs. of meat at a time and you can bet Ill have a motor on it soon.
I picked up one just like it smoke blower from my local sausage and meat smoking supply store. I haven't tried it out yet either but I'm looking forward to not torturing these old hands in that 35 degree meat. I never thought of mechanizing it though. Thats a heck of an idea. I got most of what I need right out in the work shop. thanx for the idea
When thinking about putting a motor on this unit I wonder at what RPM would it be safe to turn it.I know when I put a motor on my hand crank grinder it was suggested not to go over 75 RPM.Im gonna call thier customer service department and see if they know.Anyone with any ideas about this please let me know.It seems to be fairly heavy stainless steel so I think it would stand up well.Im an electrician so I want to put a motor on everything.Thanks,David
I'm an HVAC tech so I've got all kinds of pulleys and sheaves sitting around in the work shop plus I got a nice little 1/4 HP motor. I figure on about a 2 inch sheave on the motor and gonna have to experiment on the pulley sizes. Who knows maybe something as big as a 10 inch. The first hurdle is gonna be figuring out how to replace the crank with a pulley set up.
First let me know how you like this I have been dreaming about getting one for awhile.

Second I have noticed that in my Cabella's catalog that they have them with and with out a motor attached. I would think you could take a look at what they use and copy it.
Oh I know I'm gonna like it cheech. Even if I never get around to motorizing it. I work outside and its not to pleasant on the hands in the winter. I don't want my hobby being the same way.
Hi all,the one in the Cabelas catalogue is powered by one of thier grinders.I contacted them and ask what the rpm of the mixer would be and they said 125 rpm.I think the guy misunderstood me and gave me the rpm of the grinder.There has to be a gear reduction there cause I think mixing meat in that unit at 125 rpm would be way to much.I would think slow as you could get would be best.Any thoughts?David
Whoa dacdots, change in plans. I just tried the mixer for the first time. I take it your mixing paddles are like mine. Two T shaped inner and two L shaped on the outer welded around a SS shaft. I only had 6 lbs. of meat in the tub and don't know if that makes any difference but in all honesty it doesn't mix like I expected. Granted my hands didn't freeze and hand cranking was practically effortless but the meat doesn't mix very well. It just sort of balls up under the paddles. It only took about a minute to figure out a solution. Just reverse direction every dozen cranks or so and it blends the mix considerably better. A little coaxing with a wooden spoon helped too and if you're gonna add spices to the meat I suggest you mix the spices to cold water and add them that way. So IMO motorizing this mixer wouldn't be practical. Unless of course your paddles are different that might make a difference. Overall, I'm a little disappointed but it beats mixing by hand.
A friend of mine has a SS mixer and it does the same thing, just not quite what he expected. I still mix by hand, using really thick rubber gloves, helps with the cold. BEAR
So to be clear if you were back on the side of not having one would you still go out and buy one for $149? Or continue mixing by hand? I guess the good news is the beer will not get warm as fast seeing that my hands are so cold.
"I guess the good news is the beer will not get warm as fast seeing that my hands are so cold"
LOL, well thats gotta be worth something! Actually I paid less for mine because he gave it to me at cost. (I keep his coolers alive when they break, also at cost) 149 dollars for the amount of sausage I do? Probably wouldn't keep it. Thats just me now. It might work better with a full bin of meat too. And hey, if nothing else it'll make a great washing machine too for socks and underwear if the power ever went out. :-)
I bought one on e-bay a while back. The have allot of them on sale there. Mine holds 25 lbs. It is no trouble to turn by hand when filled to capacity. Sometimes, it is good to turn it backwards a spin or two. I would not motorize the small 20 to 25 lb unit. They also make a 80 lb model which has gear reductions on it for ease of turning.

I have used a large motorized one that holds either 100 or 150 lbs., I don't remember which, and I would guess that it was turning about 50 to 60 revolutions per minute.

I was just on ebay and looks like the prices for the mixers are all around $100.

If memory serves me correctly (it fails me on a regular basis) Northern tool had one brand new for $100.

Any thoughts on possible differences between the units?
The one I bought on e bay was made by Northern Tool and was $95.Im gonna try it out this weekend and make some bolonga.
I probably bid on 25 before I finally got one. One time, I received an email from the seller, stating that I was second and since they had a large number of them, I could have one at the winning bid. I just waited them out and finally got one bought at my price. My only regret is that I didn't get the larger one.

Cheech,from what Ive read here on the topic Im not sure I need a motor.Im trying it out today for the first time so I guess Ill see. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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