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Meadow Creek smokers?

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by cabin fever, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. cabin fever

    cabin fever Smoke Blower

    I came across the below smoker made by Meadow Creek when I was looking at their chicken cookers. It looks pretty solid as they're Amish built in Pennsylvania and I like the idea of cooking over a water pan as I've never been a fan of offset smokers. Anyway, does anyone here own this unit or another smoker like it? I'm curious to see how long of a cook one would get depending on how much charcoal is added.

  2. mballi3011

    mballi3011 Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member SMF Premier Member


    Now it looks like a pretty good grill but I don't know that much about smoking with indirect heat. I'm sure that it is built well I hear that the Amish make some really good and quality stuff now.
  3. fishwrestler

    fishwrestler Smoking Fanatic Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member

    Looks nicely built, But if you start adding up all the options it gets pretty pricey. I think for a smoker you can find something better priced.

  4. cabin fever

    cabin fever Smoke Blower

    Robert, I think you're right. Oh well, there's always the WSM route.
  5. bucktailer

    bucktailer Newbie

    They are sweet cookers.  I live about 1.5 hours away from them.  There are a tad on the high side as far as price but they are definately quality built.  Alot of their units are made specifically for charcoal, so I am sure that they would be efficient.  No direct experience with them though.  
  6. cabin fever

    cabin fever Smoke Blower

    Thanks for the input everyone. I'm keeping my options open and just thought I'd ask. I would go the WSM route, but looking into it the 18.5" is just a little too small for my liking. Also, it doesn't sound like the 22.5" model is as fuel efficient or as "set it and forget it" as it's little brother. Both are great smokers I'm sure, but I think I'd just prefer to cook on something like Meadow Creek's PR36 backyard model.

    With that said, I really just cook for myself, but I like to smoke a lot at one time and freeze a good bit of it so I can get the most out of the time I put into the smoking process. I know, that makes me sound cheap, doesn't it? Oh well, the search continues.
  7. SFLsmkr1

    SFLsmkr1 Legendary Pitmaster Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    I have the Meadow Creek PR36 bottom slide out. Very well made and well worth the $. You can use charcoal, lump, wood or combo of any. The one i have has a water pan that is just under the grate. Heavy guage metal throughout and will give years of service. When we lived in Lancaster County all the chicken BBQ's are done on MC charcoal pits. Located in New Holland PA. I went down 1.5 hours and picked mine up.

    I did my pastrami on the MC.


  8. cabin fever

    cabin fever Smoke Blower


    I'm glad to finally come across someone who actually owns a Meadow Creek cooker and I appreciate the information and pics. Mind if I pick your brain a bit?

    How long of a burn can you get out of the PR36 with 20-30 pounds of plain charcoal and is it easy to maintain temp?
  9. geerock

    geerock Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    I see on their site that they suggest you not do ribs on the model you are looking at.  Damn, if you can't do ribs I'd definitely look elsewhere.  Also, the capacity seems small for the price.  Just my humble opinion.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2011
  10. cabin fever

    cabin fever Smoke Blower

    I noticed that as well. I'm hoping nepas will chime back in and shed a little light on the PR36 in general.
  11. When we suggest grilling ribs on the PR36 instead of smoking them, that is a general statement, aimed mostly to beginners. It's just harder to make perfect smoked ribs because you get more direct heat on the PR36 than on an offset smoker, such as the SQ36 Smoker.

    I personally own the SQ36 and love it. With the optional grill pan, I can grill or smoke low and slow. I can easily make outrageous ribs or pork butts, low and slow.

    The downside to the Meadow Creek smokers is that they are not cheap. This is because of the heavy duty craftsmanship, good quality, and unique features. But they are certainly not for everyone.
  12. cabin fever

    cabin fever Smoke Blower


    Do you have any experience smoking with a PR36? I'm not new to smoking, but I've never cooked on anything the size of the PR36. I know it's the smallest of Meadow Creek's pig cooker line, but I've only ever owned small offsets and electric smokers. I'm just not a fan of offsets in general and that's why the PR36 caught my eye. There just doesn't seem to be that much information available about them.
  13. smokinbrent

    smokinbrent Newbie

    Ouch... and I though my Traeger was price.. looks like a good one tho!
  14. barefoottwo

    barefoottwo Newbie

    I looked at these grills in Southern Ohio and they are very nice and well built and I came very close to buying the SQ36 but it was a bit expensive. They are very nice!  
  15. SFLsmkr1

    SFLsmkr1 Legendary Pitmaster Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    I just moved my PR36 from the garage to the patio. Soon i will show you what it can do.

    I'm doing a little upgrade to my PR36 slide out.

  16. cabin fever

    cabin fever Smoke Blower


    I can't wait to hear more. Are you installing a guru?
  17. SFLsmkr1

    SFLsmkr1 Legendary Pitmaster Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    I have a pitmasterIQ i'm going to put on it.

  18. SmokinAl

    SmokinAl SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Well it sure looks like a well built grill, but how does it smoke?
  19. flbobecu

    flbobecu Smoking Fanatic

    Wow - 40lbs of charcoal to smoke for 8-10 hours? That's an awful lot. In fact, more than even the WSM, which can be some-what of a fuel hog. 

    Maybe that's a typo or something. 
  20. cabin fever

    cabin fever Smoke Blower

    I wouldn't mind if the PR36 used 40 pounds of charcoal for an 8-12 hour cook. To me that beats needing to add fresh coals/wood every 45 minutes and tending a fire.