Maverick Temp Probes Questions- do you have to get them nice and silver before using them/ after a l

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by carlo olivares, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. Hi All, I'm a newbie who just got a 18.5 WSM. I'm only on my second smoke (Ribs first, then Pork Butt the next day). I use a Maverick ET 733 to monitor temps. My probes get very dark after smoking 6 to 10 hours. ive tried using baby wipes to wipe them clean but the probe that monitors the smoker's ambient temp remains pretty dark - i assume because its exposed to the most smoke.

    My questions are:

    1) Do you guys get them nice and silver again before using them?

    2) Is it normal for the probes to register at different temps when starting up? During my  first smoke I noticed a 1 F diff between the 2 probes. I didnt think much of it since it was 1 degree. But on my second smoke there was a 10 F difference - when both were at room temp. Eventually it seemed to stablize but there was about a 10F difference initially even if they were both stored the same way. Just wondering if others have experienced the same thing.


  2. adam d

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    I'm new as well, and I've only used them twice. The first time they got pretty dirty so I cleaned them with a sponge and some warm water. Got them shiny (figured it was the sanitary thing to do). 2nd time I made jerky so they did not get smokey colored, so I did not clean them.

    I'm told that the probes might be 1 or 2 degrees off from each other, but that's not enough to bother me honestly. 10 degree difference seems a bit odd... I have not checked mine honestly to see if they register two different temps or not.
  3. Adam, thanks, I will try some warm water and a sponge. I'm just afraid of breaking the probes as they dont sell replacements here. I'd need to have new ones shipped
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    Carlo - just use a soapy scouring sponge to clean the probes. They do not need to be steel shiny afterwords. It is important though not to allow water into the joint where the probe a cable meet so do not immerse your probes completely in water. This is the main cause of probe failure. Some protect this joint using heat shrink electrical sleeving.
  5. Thanks Wade!
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    After the probe 's warm fingernail polish remover on a paper towel,wipe it down,rinse with wet paper towel.

  7. I use vinegar to clean my probe and the glass in my MES. 1° is not a problem. I have noticed when I first turn on my Maverick it takes a couple on min for the temp to settle down. As said above don't get the probe very wet.

    Happy smoken.

  8. Thanks Red, David!
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    I clean off the metal probes with soap and water after each use and they remain silver. As for the wire covering on the probes, if there's food particles on them I carefully wipe them off. Otherwise the discoloration doesn't bother me. The Barbecue probe wire has gotten darker than the Food probe wire so that's how I tell which probe goes into which port, even though they're interchangeable.
  10. Thanks daRicksta!
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