maverick 733 quetions im unable to find direct answers

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Feb 22, 2014
on the 733 I have an alarm questions

will it have a sounding alarm when the smoker temperature/BBQ mode temperature goes above or below range?

does it have a sounding alarm when meat is ready?

does it have a sounding alarm when out of range or lost signal?

im about to pull the trigger and by one. I am buying his so I can have overnight cooks and have the remote by my bed and if any temperatures fall or rise out of range I want it to beep or make sound so that it will wake me up.

all ive been able to find is about it flashing. I would hope that it would make an audible sound as well cause the thermometer would be useless if it flashed when temps hit their mark. I doubt flashing would wake me.

I just want to make sure that all of the alarms make noise and that an alarm is not interpreted as flashing,  if this makes since...

thank you.

first time here, new to the smoking world. just received a masterbuilt pro on propane. love it, im hooked I plan on visiting this forum much more in the future

Welcome to SMF.  This is the place to find answers / opinions on ALL things smoking.  Drop by the Roll Call section, introduce yourself, tell us some of your interests.  This is a very friendly forum.  Search is your buddy, there is a load if information here. 

I have a 732 (not sure) if this applies to the new 733.  But the 732 does beep on loss of signal, food @ temp and cook chamber

above and below your alarm set points.  You just have to set all those alarm points and allow for your cooker variances....other wise it will

be beeping all the time.  The only thing I don't like about the 732 is that when setting those alarms the display only counts UP.  So in

order to set alarm a few degrees lower you have to go UP through the max and UP to the new lower temp setting.  Hope that makes sense.

Good Luck!


I just bought the 733 and used it yesterday. I really like it.

Yes it will Alarm if the BBQ temp exceeds your high set temp or if it goes below your set low temp.

When you reach the set meat temp the alarm will go off.

When you go out of range the alarm will go off.

Yes it will flash and sound a beep.

Maverick doesn't have the 733 manual on their web site, but if you email them they will send you the manual. that way you can see for yourself how it works.

Great. Thank yall for the fast replies. It should get shipped out today. I ordered from firecraft as that was the cheapest place i could find one for 69$. Anyone tried them?
I bought my 733 from firecraft a couple weeks ago. Great service..and got it right away. Just went back to them for some pellets and 6ft probes. I found that the 3 ft probes were just too short. Their free shipping over 99.00 is why I got my pellets from them.

It took me a few minutes to get the hang of setting the alarms on the 733.. but really I like it now.

Also the issue that RadioGuy mentioned about the temp setting only going up on the 732 does not exist in the 733. you can move your temps up or down when setting the alarms. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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