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Materials List

Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by TLMMWF, Jul 3, 2018.


    TLMMWF Newbie

    does anyone have a fairly decent materials list for building a reverse flow from a 275 gallon fuel tank?


    I’m a welder/fabricator and have been commissioned by a customer to build a smoker out of a 275 gallon fu tank I’ve had laying around.

    I’ve read through quite a bit of information on how to build the actual thing and could sit here and fully sketch it all out and add everything up but I was hoping that some of you all that have built a few of these might have a kind of “standard” list. I know the exact numbers will depend on design and all but knowing things like how much expanded metal (1,2 or more sheets??) and how thick of material for the fire box/Fire box tray.... so any help would be much appreciated, if anyone wants more design details I can give the visits of what I’m thinking.

    TLMMWF Newbie

    Bump for any info
  3. i wish i could help you bud, but i've just been winging it on my build! I bought (1) 4x8x1/4 sheet for my fire box and 1 sheet of 1/2 x #13 flattened expanded for my rack.

    TLMMWF Newbie

    Still very helpful! I’ve got about 2/3 of a sheet of 1/4 left.. how much of your full sheet did you use and what size is you CC?
  5. I used basically 3/4's of a sheet. My FB is 22" tall x 22" wide x 24" deep.
    My CC is an old 120 gal propane tank. I think its 24" diameter x 68" length + heads.
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