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Jul 29, 2008
Central Indiana
I posed a question in antoher thread before but wanted to see if I could get some more replies before I take the plunge into buying an AMNS.  I have the Masterforge 2 door model that is reviewed here on SMF.  There are 2 racks spaces int he bottom door, the lowest being for a ship pan and the next one up being for a water pan.  Then in the upper chamber there are 5 racks for whaterver you want to smoke. 

The answer I received in the other thread was to put the AMNS on the top rack to keep it away from the heat source, however the poses 2 problems. 

1. Would enough smoke travel througout the smok chamber to get to the lower 4 racks.

2. I lose one space for smoking meat.

Does anyone out there have the Masterforge and an AMNS and what type of results are you getting and where are you placing the AMNS.  I was thinking about putting the water pan in the bottom rack to creat sort of a heat shield and putting the AMNS on the rack where the water pan normally resides.

I have a GOSM and I use my AMNS in it. The prob comes from the water pan. So I put the Amazing on the bottom rack. Dry the dust in the microwave for 90 seconds then stir and go another 60 seconds. I leave the water pan empty. Light the AMNS and it works good.

Worst case you atleast can do cold smoking of things.
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Are you intending to cold smoke or hot smoke?  
i don't have the same smoker as you but i use the amns in my mes,you want to put it under the meat so the smoke raises up and around the meat.I do not use the water pan with the amns,you could but keep it above the amns and as far away from it as you can get it. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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