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Original poster
Mar 11, 2007
I just purchased a 2007 model masterbuilt and had a question about the sawdust pan. It has a pan and underneath the pan it has a lip, does the lip slide under the heating element? One more question...what is the best way to get good smoke going?
Congratulations we are sure you will like the new MES
I have the older model but think what you refer to is the ash pan which goes under the heating unit and on top of the bottom liner pan....slide it in so it will slide out with ashes on it...put it in so there is a hollow area under it

to get the smoke just turn it on and put in 3-5 chips or a couple of marshmallow size chunks.

Hope this helps and good back if you don't follow me
Thanks! I seasoned it for about 2 hours and got it smoking good. I closed the vent in the top for awhile then opened it once the temp got high and it started smoking. Any good summer sausage recipes here in this form for deer? I usually buy mine from PS Seasonings their garlic seasoning is very good..
Great now that it is seasoned you know what the next step is........yummy

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