Master Forge at Lowes

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Dec 13, 2010
I was at Lowes in Md looking for the Master Forge Smoker. The only one in stock was the floor model and I was told by a Lowes Employee that they would not be getting anymore and that the model would be replaced by something else but he couldn't tell me what.
Dear Johnsellman,

I purchased a Lowe's Master Forge LP Vertical Gas Smoker from Lowe's about the same time you were looking.  Upon investigation some stores only received one for display and some did not get any for display.  According to the Lowe's home office in North Carolina, (Charlotte I think) this is a new item but due to the weight and stacking requirements of these items, (they can not be stacked higher than 4 units high), they must be ordered from the Lowe's web site or at a Lowe's store, then they are shipped to the store within 5 business days and you can go by and pick it up or you can have it shipped to your home but the shipping to home is exorbitant.  I called my local Lowe's Store, spoke with the manager of Lawn and Garden, told him what I wanted and the item number that I had retrieved from the Lowe's web site.  He took my information, my credit card information and told me they would send me an e-mail when it arrived and a phone call.  3 days later I did receive a phone call from the store that my item had arrived and could be picked up at any time, I also received an e-mail from Lowe's telling me it was ready for pick up at my local Lowe's Store.  I went to the store showed them some photo ID and my credit card and they even loaded the Master Forge Smoker into my Honda CRV.  It was no problem at all to purchase this from Lowe's.

I have not smoked with mine yet but have gotten it put together and ready to go, it is a beautiful unit with plenty of adjustable vents and adjustable chimney, 2 good fitting doors one for wood chips and water access and one big one for access to the food. This keeps the smoke chamber temperature up when you have to add wood chips or water.  From what I see this is an excellent unit, heavy duty enough for my use, easy to put together, just follow the instructions!  I am sure if you go on line to Lowe' you can find the unit along with the description and specifications.  To me it was well worth the money charged.
Suprisingly, I got one for Christmas. Had no Idea my wife was looking at a smoker for me. Guess I'm a luck guy. 
I have the Master Forge as well (it's the small block GOSM in my collection) and use it as my traveling smoker, now for over a year.  Smokes just as great as it's big brother.  You'd be surprised the looks you get when you're smoking some fine cut of meat in the campgrounds.  Great unit, well worth the hassle you might be going through.
Wow that's the exact same unit i got for Christmas from wife  and kids, and they bought it from the store. I smoked 2 turkeys and a batch of AB T's in it today. They gave it to me couple days early so i could get it seasoned and ready for the smoke today. I like this unit due to the fact that you don't have to open the entire door like my perfect flame. It held temp well even though it was cold and windy highest i got was 235. I did erect a make shaft wind block from insulated duct work I had in the garage. It did not get as hot as my perfect flame but then again I have not drilled out the or-face to get more BTU's out of the burner. I'm on the fence on drilling it out due to the fact I have a perfect flame and the enlarged or-face unit has a bunch of yellow in the flame. My Father in law thinks I should leave it stock and just not use the added water pan. his thinking is its sucking up all the heat.I have always added a deep dish lasagna pan on top of the stock water pan to hold more water, and catch more of the drippings from turkeys. I gotta ponder this for a few days and see what i come up with. Too much Jack in me to think it threw right now. Sorry no pics of the new unit or Q-view of the smoke some dummy misplaced the memory card for the camera, wounder WHO that was 
. I'd better stop rambling on before i totally 
 . I'll post all my thoughts and ideas on what i need to do when I can think more clear.
I picked up a master Forge at Lowes about 3 weeks ago they had it in stock. there was a floor model and 3 on the shelf. using it now. had it up to 300 degrees early this morning, it was about 20 outside here in Kansas City this morning.  So far all has been good, I like all the adjustments and it went together easy enough. did it in the living room in about an hour without any hurrying.
I just picked one up also.. The only thing is I had a hard time bringing the smoker up to temp.. It took a few hours just to get it to 200*.. I had 3 racks of ribs and 5 chicken breast in it.. I like it for the most part.. I'm going to smoke a Tenderloin this weekend.. Hoping the temperature won't be as much of a hassle.. Anyone have any ideas or experience on this bad boy?
I would suggest two things... make sure you have a good looking flame with good tips. If not, you could have a regulator problem. and the other, typically the installed temperature gauges are not accurate. Spend a few bucks and buy a digital. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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