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Master Builders Wanted!


Joined Oct 4, 2013
So... I've been been trying to figure out just what I want to do for my first meat smoker. I was leaning towards a small smokehouse type, but then the fridge one's intrigued me too. I just got back from a local auction house and found THREE old fridges that are lined with metal. The boss man was not there to inquire on the price for each, but I intend to go back and see. If the price is good, I'm getting one. (and if the first project goes smooth I just might buy a second) (Ok, so I WILL buy a second and you'll soon understand why)

So let me give you the ho-down - I'm a newbie to this: curing, smoking, building. But I'd like to think I've got enough savvy and am a good learner. Some 15 years ago I had some kind of small standing barrell-like smoker (don't ask what make) and did some things in it, but was not able to really delve into it - What I'm proposing is a group build. Anyone who's interested in the project and wants their fingers in it to claim fame to the finished deal, give me input. Tell me what to do. I'm buying the fridge and doing all of the work. I just need the knowledge from seasoned smoking warriors!

Now it has to be done in a way that does not require any welding or fancy tools. I have none. And quite frankly where I live limits me to things. I'm not in the States. Will get to that later below. But I can figure out how to get around things as needed. I can take photos up the wazoo and from every angle, and at every stage of the project. Heck, I can even take photos of the fridges before buying, if you all prefer, and you can tell me which one you recommend to buy. Let me know what you guys thing of this idea.

Now to get to location and why it plays a role in this venture - I live in Uruguay. I've made some super nice salami sticks in the dehydrator and local stores want to buy them from me. Smoked goodies do not exist here past grilling meat on the weekends, which don't get me started on the weird backwards way they do that. There are no jerkies, smoked Slim Jims, smoked pork butts, fish (OMG fish!),etc. The closest they have is panceta, aka bacon, and young pigs split in half and shoved on a stick in the ground next to a fire. Really!.. Ok, so I went off the path a bit, but you needed facts first... I got to thinking how people would like eating all of those smoked things that we in the States love. And with the reception of the dehydrated salami sticks, I'm sure I'm good to go.

So I'm dreaming a bit and I'd like to see if I can start a smoked edibles products business. Law and regulations are super lax here and there are no health inspectors who make rounds. Don't get me wrong on this. I'm only saying that the business will be super easy to start if the reception of the locals is good and they want more.

El final - I want to take a fridge and convert into a smoker and would like everyone interested in it to help me out. Anyone game?

Camera ready with batteries charged - Check!

Energy - Check!

Some know how - Check!

Resourcefulness with tools and materials - Check!

Limited materials available - Check!

Enthusiasm - SUPER Check!

I would like to thank all of those ahead of time,  THANK YOU, for helping out on this venture!


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Joined Oct 4, 2013
Here is a very nice fridge conversion. I don't know if ran across it or not.

I did see it a couple of weeks ago when I first found these forums. Thanks for the link back. I'll definitely be studying it today.

Just went back to the auction house and the boss man was not there again, but the worker thought that the price would be around $1,000 pesos ($50). Sounds like a good price to me!

Thanks much for posting.

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