Maple Bourbon Ham

Discussion in 'Pork' started by john3198, Dec 9, 2009.

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    The ham looks and sounds delicious. Nice job on the qview, also. [​IMG]
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    Make that a second request for the details. Evidentally my Smoke and Spice is outta date. It's a 1994 edition and the only reference is a recipe for Bourbon-Glazed Ribs.
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    Wow..Great looking ham john3198,

    I really like the way it finished up.

    My wife and I have a Granddaughter's birthday party to go to on Saturday, and one of the wife's daughters was mentioning sandwiches for eats...I think maybe a smoked precooked ham sliced on the slicer might supply the answer...Great idea John, thanks...[​IMG]

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    A lot of you have asked for ingredient list details, so here they are.

    First - credit where credit is due. This is from "Smoke and Spice" by Cheryl and Bill Jamison, 2003 edition. This is a really great book and we cook a lot from it. I would urge you to get Santa to bring you one, if you don't have it.

    Maple Bourbon Paste
    2 tbs Pure Maple Syrup
    2 Tbs freshly grated Black Pepper
    2 Tbs Dijon Multatd or Honey Dijon (I use Dijon)
    1 Tbs Bourbon
    1 Tbs Veg Oil
    1 Tbs Parprika
    1 Tbs Onion Powder
    2 Tsp Coarse Salt - Kosher or Sea Salt

    I thought the ham I did earlier this week was a bit salty on the outside - just realized I added 2 Tbs Salt, not 2 Tsp!!! Oops,,,[​IMG]

    Per my presentation, do the rub the night before

    Maple Bourbon Mop
    1/4 cup Pure Maple Syrup
    1/4 cup Bourbon
    1/4 cup cider vinegar
    3 Tbs Veg Oil
    2 Tsp Dijon Mustard

    I start mopping after about an hour in the smoker.

    Maple Bourbon Glaze
    3/4 cup Pure Maple Syrup
    1/4 cup Bourbon
    3 Tbs Dijon
    2 Tbs Unsalted Butter

    You brush this on the ham a couple of times in the last hour the ham is on the smoker. Personallly, I don't bother. I think it is great with just the rub and mop on it.

    Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!

    And thanks for the compliments on the slides....I like to do these. Will keep it up.
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    Thanks John looking forward to trying this! Now I just gotta get some bourbon![​IMG]

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    Thanks John.....appreciate the it a try this weekend.

    Take care, John
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    I plan on using this recipe to do a ham but the one I have is not precooked as it calls for. Will this make any difference? Should I follow the same recipe just making sure my temps hit ???
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    I think the rub and mop will be fine, just not sure how to tell you to cook it, since I haven't done a non-precooked one before. Maybe others can help. Might want to start a thread on how to do one not cooked. Not sure if you foil it, etc.
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    here a couple of threads that might help...

    By the way, I assume you are talking about a "cured", but not cooked ham.

    If you're talking about a "fresh ham", that is essentially like a butt, i.e. you can smoke it, but it will be roast pork, not taste like ham. The curing is what makes ham pink and gives it the taste (along with smoke of course).

    Seems to be a lot of confusion about what is a ham and what isn't. Hope this helps.
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    Just printed this up. Looks GREAT!! Will give it a try when I get up to NY next Sunday!
  12. Just 5 minutes after reading this post I get a call from a friend to smoke a pre-cooked ham. He happens to be the biggest Jack Daniels fan in town. So it's easy to figure which recipe we're going for. Now not to pick sides with anyone on proper bourbon, especially here in Canada most of our whiskey is "rye whiskey", from the looks of the finished product, whether we're using Kentucky Bourbon, Tennessee Sipping Whiskey or even Canadian Rye Whiskey, most of us are going back for seconds. Thanks for the post John, a job well done!
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    Got me some Makers the other day!!![​IMG]
    Gonna make up the stuff today!
    MMMMM Can already smell the glaze!
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    would you mind telling me what wood you used or did I miss it
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    Adam - I used Hickory the whole time. However, I have just gotten some Pecan, so may try that to see what it does. Hickory is great, for sure.

    Great, name, by the way, 1adam12, that's from a loooooong time back!
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    Just wanted to add that I did this on New Years day for the family and it was a huge hit. Thanks for sharing the recipe with us. I will definately be making it again. Points coming at ya.[​IMG]
  17. Tried the Maple bourbon ham. WONDERFUL!


    To me, this was my most successful smoke so far on new smoker. I used equal parts of all ingredients listed. Friend of mine who is a chef/cook suggested that next time I should half the salt and onion powder. Will try.

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    That's a nice looking ham. I just picked one up at the store a couple of day's ago for smoking this weekend. I'm gonna try this recipe out. Thanks for sharing.
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    I missed this post the first time around... that looks amazing!!  I know what item will be on the Superbowl menu for this year. 
  20. Great looking ham. I noticed you had the ham laying down with the cut-end showing. Is there a reason for that position vs having it sit on its cut side. Reason I ask, I did my 1st pre-cooked ham w/bone Thanksgiving & now am looking for some ideas for rubs. glaze, etc. Really loved the ham but just want to expand for the next one.

    Thanks for idea.

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