Maple Bourbon Ham w/Q-view

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Jun 22, 2009
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I mostly followed John3198's recipe for the Maple Bourbon ham. I didn't have any Bourbon, so I used Capt. Morgans. I also didn't use the mop sauce. At 2 hours I just poured some maple syrup over the ham. I also only smoked it for 4 hours at 215-225. It came out quite well. Juicy, tender, with a nice smoke flavor. I also did a fattie, but will post that in the fattie section. Here's how she looked just out of the smoker.


I smoke & Judy slices. What a team, Huh!   


We bagged up most of the ham in foodsaver bags for freezing, but left out a plate full for sammies the next couple of days.


Thank you all for looking. Hope you enjoyed it! Here's the link to the fattie:
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That is one fine looking ham Al...  I like the Capt. Morgan idea instead of Bourbon...
Great job Al !

Judy obviously doesn't want any of your fingers mixed in with her sammie meat!

It was pre-cooked, but not smoked. So I didn't have to worry about internal meat temp. I just added smoke flavor to it.
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