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Making Your Own Charcoal


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I did once for the sake of saying I tried it.
Basically, you need to burn wood to make other wood turn into carbon. A very wasteful process... however if you have to burn the wood to get rid of it anyway it's a pretty cool thing.
Don't use softwood to make grilling briquettes. Softwood is used to make "activated charcoal" and has other uses.
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That's why I want to try it. I have a big sand blow that would be the perfect spot. 'course if you weigh the cost difference between homemade charcoal, store-bought, and firewood sales it's not a very economical venture.


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take a look here;


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Yeah, definitely not economical. I'd say it is a skill to have and try at least once...
There are preppers and survivalists out there that tout it as a survival skill. Making activated charcoal can remove toxins and other stuff in your system and has the ability to filter water and such if you put it in a shirt... for example. It can also serve to create an oven without a fire to draw attention and etc...

I'd say go for it to try once. If you have enough wood to keep going, go!


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I've been making lump charcoal to use in my kamado . I use a small drum inside of a 55 gallon drum. I get all the 2x4s for free for cooking the charcoal and use oak and hickory for the charcoal. The key is starting with the right size chunks.


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If you have free wood to use it is very economical. I have made charcoal foryears. A 55 gal drum would yield about 25 gals of finished lump charcoal. All it cost me was my time to do it plus a little gas and oil.

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