Making some sausages - Bratwurst & Hot Italian With Stuffed Ports

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  1. Sadly I am out of sausage so I needed to make some more. I picked up some meat when I went to Baltimore Wednesday evening - 4 butts, brisket, chuck, round & ribs so I am set for a little bit here. I figured I might as well use 2 butts for sausage so here goes...

    Here are the 2 butts I chose to honor by letting them become sausages  [​IMG]

    Here is the first butt ready to be deboned.

    & the second butt - it kinda looks a lot like the first one only different... sorta... maybe...     Relatives perhaps?  [​IMG]

    I deboned both the butts & removed the gland & a few membranes then cut them into pieces to run through the grinder.

    Here is what I ended up with.

    I put the meat in the freezer to stiffen up & sanitized the grinder. I also put some casing to soak.

    Here is the hog casing soaking in warm water. This will get changed a few times before using.

    Updates to follow...
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  2. I had to run down to my shop while the meat was setting up & when I got back up to the house it was plenty stiff so it was time to continue.

    Grinder sanitized & ready to go.

    One of the butts about to be ground up.

    & here is what both butts turned into. Looks good [​IMG]  just needs the seasoning added.

    I saved a couple pounds to make some fatties  [​IMG]   & put the rest back in the freezer while I decided what type of sausage I wanted to make & got the stuffer ready.

    Stuffer sanitized & ready to be used.

    I ended up deciding to make Bratwurst & Hot Italian sausage. Here are the seasonings for both. Can you guess which one is the Hot Italian?  [​IMG]
  3. c farmer

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    This is going to be good.

    You don't live too far away.
  4. bigwheel

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    Looking mighty good. I will guess the Hot Eyetalian is the one on the right with the crushed red pepper maybe? Nice looking grinder. I like to season the meat..prior to grinding..mix it up good..grind..then mix it up again..till it gets "fluffy" as Joe Ames said. Can take a while sometimes. All that sanitizing mentioned reminded me what got me plumb out of tha hobby. I felt like the dish washer at a greasy spoon cafe. Skullery maid perhaps? Not a wise pursuit for fat lazy boys who sweat a lot. lol
  5. waterinholebrew

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    Looks good Smoking B , I would really like to start makin sausages too.... Looks fun and bet it's gonna be real tasty, nice job ! Thumbs Up
  6. Yup there is no comparison between store bought sausages & ones you make yourself - & I can be in the State College area in about an hour & a half  [​IMG]
    Thanks man  [​IMG]   & yup the Hot Italian is the one on the right - it's not up to my Italian Face Melter levels but it is a very hot sausage. The grinder is a real workhorse - it will put you to the test trying to keep up with it  [​IMG]    I've done sausage both ways & I get more even distribution of the spices when I grind then season - I also seem to get a better bind but that's just the way I prefer to do it. As far as the sanitizing it can get tedious but I grew up on a dairy farm & compared to all the sanitizing I had to do there morning & night this is a walk in the park!  [​IMG]  
  7. jckdanls 07

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    I washed a few teats myself.... Thumbs Up

  8. Casing loaded on the stuffer & ready to go.

    Here is the Hot Italian mixed & about to go in the stuffer.

    & done - 33 links of Hot Italian.

    Closer view.
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  9. c farmer

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    You anywhere near Harrisburg?  I will be there tomorrow.      [​IMG]
  10. I somehow forgot to take a picture of the Bratwurst mixed up  [​IMG]

    Here is the Bratwurst stuffed - 33 links of it also  [​IMG]

    Closer view of a Brat  [​IMG]

    I'm out of beer & didn't make it to the distributor before they closed so I had to settle for a Pepsi & a glass of cold milk. I coupled those with a few of the Miller's Hot Bolognas. Tomorrow I will grill a pair of the sausages while I'm smoking my dried beef some more & post some cut views of them.   [​IMG]
  11. Thanks man  [​IMG]   I love making sausage just keep in mind if you start, you won't want to stop  [​IMG]
    It's an honest living that's for sure - it was a good way to grow up [​IMG]  
  12. bigwheel

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    Yeppers..that Sausage Making Hobby sanitizing chores be like a walk in the park for an old Dairyman. Good Now let us save up for a Hobart and we can stuff with the grinder. I know it works cause I seen it on TV. lol. Hey did yall really pour bleach down in there to kill the antibiotics...did yall really add canned goat mik and water to increase the butter fat content? Enquiring minds need to know this kinda stuff. Thanks.
  13. foamheart

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    Nice grinder man,  Bleach is my best friend.

    Beautiful Brats and Italian sausages. Very uniform. But I can already tell you'd make the bald spot on the back of my head sweat!

    Milk and Pepsi, isn't that what Laverne from that TV show drank? Milk and Pepsi Cola?

    Now a question, if you were looking for some tit baum. Where would you go? The pharmacist just started laughing and drug store wanted to check their PDR. LOL  My hands need some serious help and once a lady gave me a Noxzema jar filled with the stinkingest stuff you ever smelled and called it Tit baum. in a couple a day, it was a miracle suave.


    "It's an honest living that's for sure - it was a good way to grow up :beercheer:"

    My Pop would have said, "Builds Character!"

    Great looking sausages !
  14. I'm about an hour from Harrisburg.
    Never heard of the goat milk thing  [​IMG]    but bleach gets used 4 times a day to sanitize the lines, milkers etc... When you got done milking & took all the milkers into the milkhouse you cleaned them up really good with hot water then put them in a tank & plugged them into the cleaner. The first cycle washed the lines & milkers with soap & hot water. The second cycle washed them with acid & the third cycle flushed & sanitized with a cup of bleach to finish. When you came back to the barn to milk the second time for the day everything got sanitized again with a cup of bleach & you were ready to start milking again. When the truck came to empty your tank every other day the first thing the driver would do was take 2 samples of your milk to be tested & if anything showed up you had to pay for the half tanker of milk they had to dump  [​IMG]  
  15. Thanks Foam  [​IMG]   Yeah that grinder has laughed at everything I've ever thrown at it.  Those sausages are nothing compared to my Italian Face Melters but they are still hotter than most folks like - I enjoy them though  [​IMG]    I'm not sure about the Laverne thing.

    As far as the tit baum we used to get stuff called Bag Balm from the dairy supply truck that would come around every week & it worked wonders on hands. We also got Udder Butter from time to time & it worked good as well but the Bag Balm was the better of the two. I would imagine you could get it from a vet or maybe a Tractor Supply would have it if there's one near you. If you can't find any let me know & I will flag down one of the trucks & get you some...
  16. foamheart

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    Thanks man, I will change from tit balm (LOL, I didn't even spell Balm right), to udder butter or bag balm. Thank my friend, and I am envious of that grinder!
  17. bigwheel

    bigwheel Smoking Fanatic

    Used to be a Mom n Pop hardware store up here who sold all them teat remedies..but think that moved do Big D or something. Used to be in Grapevine. Know an old codger who swears it can cure a big old skin cancer. Hey B. get it running full tilt and throw a solid two pound chunk of cold cheddar cheese down its gullet. Made my highly prized 1 hp SS Chicom gizmo think it over for a bit and make the lights go was tense for a while but it eventually spit it on out on the far side.
  18. snorkelinggirl

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    Hi Jeremy,

    i wondered what kind of sausage you were going to make when I saw your original post title!  Brats and hot italian are always great choices….probably your home-dried pepper flakes in the hot italian, right?

    Sounds like it is going to be a good day of smoking and grilling tomorrow.  Have a great time, and hope you can make it down to your beer distributor [​IMG]

    Looking forward to seeing the cross-sectional pictures!  Have a great weekend!

  19. You're quite welcome Foam! Glad you found some  [​IMG]
    Thanks Clarissa  [​IMG]   I was gonna make some Linguica & something else but didn't have the vinegar I needed so went with these. I have several other sausages I need to make in the very near future as well - Kielbasa, Krakowska, Sweet Italian, Italian Face Melters & Chorizo.

    Yes those were my home-dried crushed peppers in there - mostly Cherry Bombs with a little Orange Habanero for company  [​IMG]

    It seems to be a great day so far & I already completed my quest for beer  [​IMG]

    I'll get the new pics up as soon as I grill some of them. You have a great weekend too!  [​IMG]  
  20. I took a little bit of the extra ground pork this morning & made up a couple pounds of fresh breakfast sausage.

    Here is some right before I inhaled it - I had to try out some right away & it didn't disappoint  [​IMG]  

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