Making room in the freezers...

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Apr 27, 2017
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I pulled out 30# of goose breast meat to thaw. Got 10# trimmed and rubbed down to cure for more goose pastrami. The other 20# will be combined with 40# of boston butt along with 7# of mostly fat trim from a recent run of salami. Gonna make about 20# of goose breakfast sausage and 50# of goose/pork Cajun smoke sausage. Got the pastrami in the fridge when I start on the sausages tomorrow....
Goose Pastrami is hands down my favorite way to eat a Canada goose. If you have not made it yet, I suggest you do. Really good. I also like to sous vide them for about 24 hours @131*F for ultra tenderness.
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OK, sorry for the late posting but life got in the way yesterday. Got kind of crazy so not a lot of pics. I got a late start and was focused on getting it done.

Cleaning up the goose breasts, only found 2 BB's...

Ended up with 63# of goose, pork, and pork fat. Decided on 50# goose/pork smoke sausage and 13# Maple breakfast sausage.

Pork and fat thru 4.5mm plate. This is a 40% fat mix so once blended with the lean goose meat it'll be a 20% fat blend...

I pulled out 13# and set that aside for the Breakfast sausage, then divided the remaining 50# into 2 totes for mixing...

All mixed up, time to stuff..

On ice now and will smoke Sunday...

The Maple Breakfast...all mixed up.

The sample patty to check the seasoning. All good...

And bagged...

What was left in the stuffer for a late night snack sandwich...
Oh- I ground the goose lean meat through the 3mm plate for blending. Goose meat is like beef (really all game meats) in that it is high in connective tissue and collagen so very good binding properties. Also the 3mm plate breaks up all the tough tissue for a tender bite. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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