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    The wife & I been making ground beef jerky in our dehydrator on a weekly basis for a while and now we have hit upon a recipe we both like. Gonna stick with it for over the holidays and then we'll experiment some more. Gadfrey, that's good stuff! Should have gotten into this years ago. We've been starting with 2 pounds a batch and I think next one will be 3 pounds.
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    So..... your recipe and method please. That's what makes this forum so wonderful, sharing info and techniques. so, elaborate and wow us my friend!
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    Here it is. Kind of simple but we like the results.
    2 pounds of ordinary ground beef. Not so lean.
    2 tablespoons Smokehouse Original Jerky Dry Rub & Mix
    2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
    1/4 tsp each of garlic powder and onion powder
    Mix it up and put it in the gun right away and make jerky
    We dehydrate at 145 degrees for exactly 5 hours
    You should wipe off the wetness that will come a few times during the drying.
    Refrigerate. I don't know how long it will keep since it is gone in less than a week.
  4. Why do you use ground beef and not eye of the round?
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    to save money and make twice as much jerky I buy the cro vac's.. most every meat dept now gets there cuts like this then cut into roast or steake ect depending on which cyroo's there cutting. I pay $2 a pound for bottom round in the cyro and if they cut into pieces its at least 4.50 for the bottom round. the bottom round is usually 12-15 #'s. I also like the sirloin cyro for smoking large roast and slicing thin on my slicer for philly's and other sandwiches, and make several servings in vacuum food saver pacs and freeze then share with daughter and grandaughter. they usually are about 13#'s[and way cheaper than small roasts]
  6. Thanks! I've been wanting to make some. Do you have a recipes you can share.

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