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  1. We live out in the country with no meat shops around. Do you guys do any mail order beef? I have looked around a little and it appears to be very expensive to mail order. Just wonder if anyone does this and is it worth the expense. 
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    Out in the country?

    Get to know the farmer!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Buy a couple pigs and calves. Lol. Nothing better than home grown. 
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    No, but if you get on line and look up Rich Plan or equivalent, you get a freezer and get it stocked and they deliver it to your door.  it's more expensive than going to the store and getting sale items, but if you're far out in the country there should be someone who would service you and it's all quality product and you don't have to go any further than your new freezer to make a meal.
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    I have never even thought about buying meat off the net. I like to see what I am buying.

  8. Thanks Bama BBQ. This is exactly what I was looking for. I do know the farmers around here and they are more than willing to sell me a whole/half side of beef or a hog the same way. But I just need some good brisket, burger, and steaks and don't want to buy a half cow to get them. I am set up and do have enough ground to raise cows and hogs but raising cows and hogs are a 365 day a year project.     

  9. I agree 100%. I prefer to see what I am buying also. The option simply is not available where we live without driving two hours to and fro to a good meat market. I already drive two hours a day back and forth to work every day. I'll pay a little extra for shipping if the beef is very good. Two hours of driving and my time on the weekend for good meat makes the cost of shipping not so bad. 
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    Dang, almost forgot about this site:

    Just select Ohio, their site is for all states.

    Compliments of Chef Jimmy J who posted it in another thread a while ago.

    Gives all the local farmers who will raise meat for you and in most cases will process too!!
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  11.   Sorry if this sounds stupid, but if you drive 2 hours to work and back, how do you not pass some place to buy meat? I didn't know there was anyplace that desolate in Ohio. Just wondering how remote you are? I thought I lived in the "sticks".

       If you ask around you may find a farmer with a good reputation for raising quality meat (locals who have bought from him or her). Then you might find someone to split a side of beef with. Not uncommon around here. You may get it down to an amount of meat you can deal with.and it will be cut however you want it. A local butcher will do the job to order for the group and you can just pick your meat up already flash-frozen.

     Just a thought.

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    I need your meat budget if your buying from here. This stuff is not cheap. I guess it must be nice to NOT have to look for a good
  13.  The guy asked for mail order beef.  I offered him a resource for mail order beef as did a few others.  100% Organic Beef from Piedmontese & Piedmontese/Angus cross cattle and 100% Organic Berkshire Pork is VERY good so I do consider this a good deal.  It costs less than the black Tajima-ushi breed of Wagyū cattle, raised according to strict tradition in Hyōgo Prefecture, but more than grocery store hormone and antibiotic injected, grain fed meat.  We figure we have enough hormones and antiboitics without eating it in our meat.  ...and I do not think cattle were designed to eat grain which, in my opinion, is a huge reason for the rise in ecoli issues.
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    Great thread folks.  We raised our own for years but let me warn you.  Terms like grass fed and organic are often just marketing hype.  A tough old cow that has been on the western range is grass fed and if he didn't get vet care and no antibiotics he was organic.  We always grass fed our beef until the last 90-120 days when they went to a feed lot so they could not run around and toughen up and finished them out for that time on grain and molasses to get them well marbled. 

    Ps.  I serve vegens, just let me know how you want them prepared.  Medium , well done, ect. 

  15. I work night shift. I don't want to have the meat sitting in the truck while I'm at work and there is nothing open when I go home.
  16. Good point.

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