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Maiden Voyage (WSM)


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Joined Jul 28, 2009
I ordered a Weber Smokey Mountain smoker last week. It arrived today. I knew it was coming, so I was anxious to get off work all day...then I remembered, dentist appointment.

That got me home about 1 1/2 hours later than I had anticipated....but I would not be deterred. It was a snap to assemble, 14 nuts and screws later, I have my very own black R2D2. I fired it w/ 10# of charcoal and 1/2 full charcoal chimney. Once it hit 190, I choked off 1 of 3 vents. 220, #2 got closed down. Once it hit 250, I've been tweaking down #3 looking for the sweet spot.

I'm just cooking a few chickens, so I don't mind if it starts to run a little hot, won't hurt the chickens any. For the first time, I put the squabs in a brine, so I am cooking them naked with some cherry wood. We'll see how they taste. 

All our home cookers...

a Brinkmann Smoke'n Pit, the WSM, a Thermos brand grill and on the end our old Kettle.


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Joined Mar 25, 2011
Congrats on the new WSM!  Looks like a fine addition to your smoking arsenal.

Your deck looks like somewhere I'd want to hang out most of the day...


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Joined Jul 28, 2009
Thanks, so far I'm just tickled with it.

That's a deceiving angle (kinda like a myspace angle), it's long and skinny, like 8' X 50', but it is a great place to hang out and sip beverages. 


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Grats! Looks like you are off to a happy start with your WSM, the bird looks good!


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Joined Jun 22, 2009
Looks like a happy family of smokers. The bird looks good too!


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Joined Apr 2, 2009
Good looking bird, good looking arsenal, thanks for the post.


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Joined Jul 19, 2010
Looking good!!!

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Meat Mopper
Joined Jul 28, 2009
Thanks guys!  Even though I've only got about 4 hours cook time on it, I was really pleased.  Out of habit, I checked it every 1/2 hour or so, it never changed.  Once I had it dialed it, 245 on the bottom grate and 260 on the top (per my digital therm), it just stayed there.  I can't wait to do a long smoke on it and feel like I could take a nap if I wanted.  I never, ever have had that confidence in my S'nP.  Don't get me wrong, I cooked up a lot of great grub off the S'nP, I just never fully trusted it. 

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