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Original poster
Dec 31, 2006
Well, I've been lurking for months now in the shadows. I did some smoking years ago on a small barrel type charcoal smoker until the bottom rotted out. Than did a little smoking on the gas grill. I really enjoy cooking outdoors and decided it's time to get back to smoking again. After almost a year of looking and borrowing different smokers, I bought a Cabelas SS 48" propane vertical smoker yesterday. It has 1200 sq. in. of cooking area. Looks like this site has alot of experienced smokers and I'm here to learn. Happy New Year Everyone!
Welcome to the forum Oldyaker glad to have you here. Ive never done any smoking with gas but there are a lot of people on here that do, so pull up a chair grab your favorite beverage and lets do some smoking.
Welcome to the forum oldyaker. There are alot of gas smokers on here if you have any problems.
Well Cheech.........I was using my gas grill as a smoker. Kind of a pain, but it can be done. :(
Right now, I'm in the game room putting this Cabela's unit together.
How many of you season a new smoker like the instruction book suggests? I never seasoned my old barrel smoker........or I'm getting so old I don't remember. :roll:
Thanks for the welcome fellas, y'all seem so nice and really smok'n savy.
Welcome Oldyaker! Unless ya like the flavor of kielbasa smoked in Glad Wrap, ya gotta get rid of that new car smell, heck, wipe it down with some Crisco and fire it up a couple times, By the time you get six ICâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s under your belt youâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]ll be reddin it up for smokinâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji] by tomorrow. But no damned chipped ham loaf, please! :lol:
Why hells bells Carl! :shock: You must be only be about 50 miles from my homestead! I'm about 10 miles East of Washington, PA. I only like Heavy Iron, no smoking the chipped ham........Gotcha!
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