Looking to update old smokehouse.

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    My dad built this old block smokehouse about twenty years ago. I was looking all over the web for a new more efficient way to heat, make smoke, and maybe cold smoke in this house. This website and all the people who post on it seem to be the best resource I can find. Since joining this site I have purchased my own mes30 and have used ideas and recipes found within the threads. Love the site and spend hours searching through it. If anyone has better ideas please let me know. As of now we use a weed burner and 100lb propane tanks to heat the house. Pipe that runs across the bottom becomes red hot and this starts the wood inside the cut off barrel on fire. We have done it this way for years but the pipe is starting to corrode and fall apart. Thank you to anyone who has  any ideas to update this smokehouse for many more years of use.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Beyond Me

    I'll Bump the thread

    Maybe someone else can help

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    It certainly would be a shame not to get that thing going for another 50 years or so! I hope someone here can help you.
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    Check out my smokehouse build: smokehouse     

    It shouldn't be difficult to convert your house to the burner shown in mine, just run a hose thru the wall into the smokehouse and connect it to the burner then to the tank; I would suggest a needle valve tho.  Put a vent in the bottom and either a stove pipe out the roof or an upper vent on top across from the lower.  Add some drip pans to catch your grease on a rack, aluminum foil pans will do well.  Buy the A-Maze-N Pellet smoker for cold smoking; it will fill that house just fine for cold smoking; Todd (above) is the supreme guru on that and it works fantastic, too!  See Cold Smoke Cheese in my sig line.  Not enough heat?  Either buy a bigger burner or put in two!
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