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Looking for suggestions to get started


Joined Dec 1, 2013
Hello, I am  just getting started with my new MasterBuilt 30" Electric smoker and looking for info to start my first smoke.

The Northeast USA is a bit cold this time of year (30-40 degress F) so I am really not sure if this smoker will work or the affect on cooking times. Any cold weather smokers who have used this MasterBuilt electric smoker who can comment?

I've got a couple of questions I am looking for suggestions too so if anyone would care to chime in with your experience with using such a smoker that would be greatly appreiciated.

I plan to start by smoking (2) 3-4lb chickens. I've researched the brine I plan to use and believe the cooking time at 235 degress is about 4 hours. Sound about right?

Based on what I could find, the smoker starts with a hand full of chips and after about an hour you add another hand full. From then on I believe it is a matter of watching the amount of  smoke and figuring out if and when more chips are needed. I know cooking is an art and not a science but If anyone has experience with this electric smoker and could share their techniques I would appreciate that.

I've signed up for the 5 day course but would like to get jump started

Also, based on what I could find, it seems it is best to use dry chips in this smoker rather than soaking them - opinions?




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Joined Jun 4, 2011
Welcome to the forum Jim. This is a great place for most if not all of your questions. I have a drum smoker, can not answer you specific smoker question. In general I do not have any issues with smoking in the winter. If you would crispy skin on your chicken you will need to smoke at a higher temp. 275-350 range. The cooking time will be determined by your smoker temp. Don't worry about cooking but go by IT ( internal temp.) 160 in the breast 175 thigh. I hope this helps out some. You can also use the search bar on top of the page. It is very good and has a wealth of posts to any question. Good smoking!

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