look what i found on craig's list waco,tx

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look at my sig pic, that is my smoker. i am going to look at it, for $35, i might buy it. just to have, you know? oh yeah, not trying to be a smart-azz to ya.
No offense taken! Looks like you are in need of a bit of a downgrade. Sort of overkill if you are just slapping on a set of ribs for dinner.

I saw a unit in Overland Park Kansas (use the Kansas City search) that is rusted to hell. But they only want 25 bucks for it. http://kansascity.craigslist.org/hsh/398914627.html

Bit of a drive from Waco, but for anyone local to KC this isn't bad.
lol, i never smoke "just a rack of ribs". i usually smoke a brisket (or two), a couple dozen ABT's, a fatty, and some hotdogs or little smokies.
I hear ya! On my ECB it is easy to make just enough for dinner. I can't imagine loading all that meat into a smoker. I trust you have a deep freeze!
hell i'd take in "an orphan" for that price..... just for a project... i spend more than that a week on ,,well a pizza & a movie... go get it chris.sand fer an hour & a $3.00 can of high heat rusto & sell it for $50- or just use it for 25 dozen abt's
yep, we have an upright freezer. however, whatever i smoke gets eaten within 3 days. i share with my crew at work.
lol, we just had a lay-off. i didn't get there in time- someone beat me to it.
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