Longer smoker with two butts?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by kaz4121, May 23, 2016.

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    My first attempt  at pulled pork hit some road bumps, but I estimated the smoke would have been around 2 hr/# based on my original methods.

    I know you are supposed to smoke to IT (and not time), but I'm trying to get an idea for how much longer I might expect TWO 10 LB BUTTS to take versus just one (to better plan my start/finish time). I tried searching the forum but couldn't find much.

    I'm using a '16 Traeger Elite 34 Pellet smoker if that helps.

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    They will take about 2hr/lb based on the heaviest. One butt or 5 the only time change is the amount of time it takes for the smoker to recover back to temp. More cold meat mass, takes a little longer...JJ
  3. Jimmie's right, 2hr/lb, some might be done earlier, but its better to be done earlier rather than late.
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    Cool. That's what I thought but wanted to check with the forum before planning my smoke.

    Thanks for the feedback!
  5. I once did 18 picnics for a customer and it took 24 hrs.

    Keep in mind it always taste better the next day ;)

    Each meat is different and the stall varies.
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    These beauties just finished up this afternoon!

    I started the smoke at 6:30PM last night (250F) and they hit 200-205F around 11:30AM today. In total the cook took ~17 hours or about 1.9 hr/# (essentially the same duration it took me to smoke a single butt). I'll post a lengthier write-up in a new thread.

    Thanks for the feedback!
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    Those look fantastic!

    Can't wait to see your thread!


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