Longer cook times when wrapping with butcher paper?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by mcquinn, Sep 30, 2016.

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    Hey guys, brand new here and I hope I'm posting this in the correct place.  I've recently begun using butcher paper rather than foil to wrap my briskets and it just seems they won't cook nearly as fast.  I'm not sure if maybe I'm not wrapping them tight enough or what I'm doing wrong.  I did two briskets last weekend, one for me and one for a friend.  I wrapped them both around 160, his in foil and mine in paper.  A few hours later his was close to 190 and mine was barely at 170.  I try to keep the temp between 250 and 275 and I'm cooking on an Old Country Pecos.  I've looked around and haven't seen anyone complain about longer cook times so I'm just looking for ideas about what I might be doing wrong.  Thanks for any advice!
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    It can happen. 

    The foil keeps much more of the moisture in, which helps to braise the brisket and cook faster. The paper will let more of the moisture escape and not cook as fast. The time difference will depend on your particular cooker, temps and airflow. 
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    JC nail it!
    Plus every piece of meat cooks different, the butcher paper lets the brisket breathe where the tinfoil doesn't.

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