Long weekend ribbing :)

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  1. So in celebration of the long weekend and our Prime Minister allegedly purposefully elbowing an NDP'er in the chest at the House of Commons this week I'm smoking some ribs and trying a couple new things.

    First, I came up with a maple rub since my wife wanted some maple flavoured ribs.
    Second is smoking with birch.

    So it actually all turned out super awesome 😀

    The dry rub was delicious and the birch was actually pretty mild tasting and very pleasant.

    The two top racks are made with "Billbo's" dry rub and sauce, the bottom two are the maple rub.


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  2. Here's my maple rub recipe if any one wants to try it out.

    1c maple sugar
    1/4c kosher salt
    3tbsp minced dried onion
    1tbsp chilli powder
    1tsp cumin
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  3. smokinal

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    The ribs look delicious and the rub sounds very interesting.

    Great job!

  4. joe black

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    Marc, Those are awesome looking ribs. I really like the color and finish. I bet they were sweet tasting and that sounds great. Keep it going. Thumbs Up
  5. Thanks guys! I found the maple rub was not as sweet as I thought it would be, i did serve them dry though as I wanted to get a feel for my rub and the birch. I found that the flavour of the pork was "nice", almost natural in a sense, delicious for sure, but not in your face. Whereas the ones made with Billbo's rub and sauce are intense and "POW!" like.

    Until I get better at this I think birch will be my "go to" wood 😄
  6. tropics

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    Marc they look good nice color,going to have to get some Birch to try

  7. It seems to be a safe choice :)
    I'm learning quickly that a little can go a LONG way with smoke and have made some unpleasant meals from killing the meat with smoke 😕 The birch seems to be a bit more forgiving, that or I'm actually getting a little better every time I smoke 😜

  8. b-one

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    Tasty looking ribs! I've been thinking about a maple brine on some country style or baby backs.
  9. For sure! I was raised around everything maple, and there's no shortage of sugar bushes around these parts so maple syrup and sugar is fairly common. It's even sold on the side of highways in the spring here.
  10. marc thats a interesting rub there, i will have to try this, is this good on chicken?

  11. Hi Danny,
    That's an excellent question! I like my chicken with a bit of kick so I haven't tried it on it yet...maybe next weekend I'll give it a go! It was great on the pork, and I think with how chicken is easily influenced by other flavours I think it may be a good combo as this rub isn't overbearing. 😋

  12. Here's a rub I've experimented with for steak. I've been tweaking this (as my budget allows since strip loin is around $36/Kg around here 😬) over the past month and I think I've got it to my liking now. The batches I make for this are enough for two strip loins of moderate size but I'm sure it could easily be scaled to larger quantities. The rubs I experiment with are fairly simple, I don't have a ton of experience with them yet so I try to keep them easy 😊

    Steak rub
    1tbsp cumin
    1tsp chilli powder
    1tbsp cracked black pepper
    2tbsp kosher salt
    1tbsp dried onion flakes
    1tbsp granulated garlic

  13. Hey dannylang,

    I'm going to try the maple rub on chicken this evening for supper and post how it turns out 😊

  14. 1MGD1 i am having a hard time finding maple sugar on the shelf at my local grocery stores, i know i can order it. maybe

  15. redheelerdog

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    Marc, the maple and birch combo really looks awesome. The ribs turned out great. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I wonder if you'd have any luck at "health" food stores (although they probably charge an arm and a leg for it)?
    The chicken turned out awesome! The onion and cumin were the the most apparent on the taste buds with the maple trailing behind. It was a mild mannered rub which I think would be better suited with maple glaze...I guess I'll have to work on one now 😋


    Thanks and glad to! Getting more involved in grilling and smoking and working on rubs is becoming a great experience, it's been a great way to bond with my twins too as they really enjoy helping out and learning all the spices and so on and the processes that are involved in coming up with meals. Not bad for a couple of 4yr olds 😀

  17. I found maple sugar at Costco, but maybe that's just for us canucks.  Worth a try anyways.
  18. joe black

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    I would think you could order maple syrup from L. L. Bean. I bought some in their store, so I know they have it.

    Good luck, Joe
  19. I never thought to check Costco, I usually buy all our maple syrup there as you can't beat the price...half of what you'd pay at the grocery store 😄

    Do you remember how big of a bag you get it in? Last time I bought maple sugar was from "Metro" and I believe 500grams ran me $10 or so 😬
  20. Can't remember the exact size, probably around 900g.  I need some more or I could check for you.  It was with the baking supplies and I'm thinking it was around $12.

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