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Discussion in 'South Carolina Members Group' started by mtm29575, Mar 24, 2014.

  1. mtm29575

    mtm29575 Smoke Blower

    Thought it would be nice to list the members locations, for future get together opportunities.

    Myrtle Beach here.
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  2. Good idea Mark!

    I'm Leah Elisheva, and I live in New Hampshire and am moving to South Carolina.

    I'm in the research phase right now - hence my post above inquiring about the Charleston area.

    Cheers to all! - Leah
  3. Mike from Charleston.
  4. mtm29575

    mtm29575 Smoke Blower

    Hi Mike, and welcome!!  May be moving closer to Charleston in the next couple of years. My oldest son, a sophomore at Coastal Carolina, is Pre-Med, and wants to go to MUSC. 
  5. Yes, Hi Mike!

    I too am moving to your area, and thus interested in learning more about the low country, and your state, and the south in general.

    It shall be QUITE a change!

    Mark here, and some others outside of the group, have been tremendous at helping me along, (learning more), as to aid in the crusade and "the big move."

    I'd welcome your input as well, should you wish to private message me with any Southern trivia or important things to know.

    Meanwhile, here's to this new group! Already, I can feel the "hospitality" of the south and adore it!

    Perhaps we'll all meet up in the sunny south and smoke something wonderful in the meat or fish department!

    Cheers! - Leah
  6. Hello fellow citizens of SC I'm from Murrells Inlet have been smoking foods for twenty years. Always looking for fellow bbq friends give me a shout.
  7. Very fun! I'd love to hear more about your area and state!! Cheers! - Leah
  8. Hi Southern Folk!!!!

    I was just chatting in our "Winos Group" (please come join if you have not) and learned of all kinds of Pennsylvania laws, (that I was not aware of) regarding vino.

    Could somebody kindly educate me thus, about South Carolina, booze, (specifically WINE), and the laws - whether shipping, tax, sales, or whatever it be - even a taste of the Charleston wine culture and such, when you get a chance?

    Thanks very much!

    Cheers! - Leah
  9. Hello All, Brandon from Anderson, seems I'm the only one not near the coast :biggrin:
  10. mtm29575

    mtm29575 Smoke Blower

    Hi Brandon, and welcome to the group!
  11. mtm29575

    mtm29575 Smoke Blower

    Hey oldsalty!  I see we are neighbors!  MB here.
  12. wolfhunter73

    wolfhunter73 Newbie

    Greetings from Beaufort County!!!!!!
  13. Perry from Gilbert
  14. mjeffcoat

    mjeffcoat Fire Starter

    Mark "Stump" from Charleston.
  15. kahuna2114

    kahuna2114 Newbie

    Warren Here.....Goose Creek

  16. Welcome all.:yahoo:
  17. Anyone in the Charleston area interested in a group lumberjack pellet buy?

  18. squirrel

    squirrel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Even though I am in Georgia, I am joining this group. I am in the Augusta, Ga area which borders SC. I grew up in the Barnwell, SC area and still call it home. Vacationed many a time in the Hilton Head area. Charleston is one of my most favorite places in the state. It is a great foodie town with lots of awesome chefs.
  19. showle

    showle Newbie

    Cheraw Here!!
  20. Hello to all you South Carolina smoker/BBQ'ers. I am from Greenville SC and LOVE me some BBQ and smoking some meat. Got a brisket on as I posting this!!![​IMG]

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