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leah elisheva

Master of the Pit
Original poster
Sep 19, 2013
Seacoast of New Hampshire
Happy Sunday To All!

Here's a marvelous wish, for this fantastic week ahead!

The only important note, to add to today's video, is that the "GRILLED" version was grilled for 20 minutes and that was too long. (Once I tasted the grilled lobster, I recognized that it should only have been grilled for 15 minutes).

But, we learn each time. And each day's weather and hot fire is different too. And so, with a hot fire on a cold day, I'd say 15 minutes max with the grilling. Otherwise, I stand by video! Enjoy!

Cheers!!!!!!!!! - Leah

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Thank you very much Dave! And Dirtsailor!!!

Happy Sunday!!!

Good night to all!!! (Since I wake up at 3 a.m., I do go to bed before most young school children across the globe do).

But more when more awake, and meanwhile, CHEERS to all!!! - Leah
Looks stunning, Leah. However, I can't let the missus sea this. She'll want some and lobster is worth more than my pension up here in the mountains. 

Dang nab it Leah you are killin me
Very nice, great job on the video...JJ
Thanks so much Disco! Yes, lobster is a treat indeed, but WALMART here has the very best ones actually, and affordably so, and that helps. (As does a family/relatives who haul traps for a living). Both sources are my "go to" for such therefore. Regardless, Cheers to you both up in the snowy mountains!!!!!

And yes, Mick, it was only 15 degrees yesterday when I was outside in a bathing suit therefore. (Not too cold, compared to where I was born and raised which at one time got to 30 below)! And so 15 above is nothing, right? Thanks for your nice comments. Cheers to you in the sunny land down under and with all your fabulous fish!!!

And thank you driedstick!!! Your "handle" or online "name," and now your avatar photo too, just downright crack me up! Luckily, it's already past 5 a.m. and so I'm long past my breakfast and coffee (since I wake up at 3) or else I could spit my java out onto the screen just from your photo! Thank you for that therefore! The world needs more humor! Cheers to that indeed!

Many thanks to you as well, Dear Masterful Chef, (JJ), as I just really wish you lived closer and could teach me some food safety chopping lessons! I'm always fine with lobster slicing, as I take my precious time and seem pretty good at it. Sabering open Champagne with a sword even, comes quite naturally to me as well. But for the love of God, I cannot seem to make it through one week without bandaids and me slicing fingers when just chopping a simple onion, or shallots, or papaya, or a damn cucumber, or cantaloupe even!!!?? Gracious, there must be training wheels for people like me, right? Just know you are needed! Smiles.

Thank you all for watching! Only two more videos in my "video blog series" which shall post during the two remaining weekends of this year. And so I'm very appreciative that I've been able to share them and with such great people. Thanks for that!

Here's to this brand new and beautiful week! May it be wonderful for all! The snow is absolutely just gorgeous and here's to that too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers!!!!!!!! - Leah
From todays Sydney Morning Herald ( think NewYork Times) " Come Xmas every man & his dog wants a bloody cray(crayfish/southern rock lobster). So the price shoots up & you end up paying $90 + a kg"  

Then follows how to peel /prepare one ,I prefer Leahs tutorial,pity Walmart dont ship

The Sydney fish market will sell 600 ton of seafood in 3 days up to Xmas Eve.

Its our rather different way to approach Xmas given its stupid  hot its all about cold seafood ,salads,oysters,cold ham, kids are in the swimming pool you get the picture.

Grilled lobstah alla Leah would be great but it can wait to New Year at those prices
Yikes, those lobster prices are something Mick! The Christmas season must be wild!!! But WONDERFUL photo of you and your great food!

Too bad Walmart doesn't ship indeed, as they have some seriously grand lobster! Bizarre as that is!

And thank you; both lobster versions are nice, although the rich smoky flavor of the smoked one, dipped into my little "tomalley sauce" mixture, is my favorite way.

Anyway, here's to the Australian Christmas! It's not 15 degrees there, so I'm not sure how I'd do??? Right now it's 6.7 degrees outside here, (not that cold, but it will cool off a bit more before daylight as today will be a crisp albeit fabulous winter day)!!!!

Cheers to all! - Leah
Just learned that lobsters are apparently "on sale" this weekend, in many places (at least on the east coast or in some spots in the north), on this pre-holiday weekend.

Perhaps therefore, some "Lobster 2 Ways" food festive fun will be a great experiment for many!!!! I heartily recommend it with love!!! Smiles.

In any event, I send sensational sentiments to all! Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah
OK I  can post again,so I  just thought I would drop some photos in here because Leah & I have been discussing the Aussie fixation with seafood at Xmas.

I was at the market today getting salmon for gravalax,having a bit of lunch,a  bottle of pinot gris.

My pick of the uncooked prawns( shrimp).

Half of the prawn section in 1 retail outlet ,there are 5. 14 different prawn deals.

The other half.

Thats just calamari.

And last sky high lobster.

Stinking hot here 41c easy,cold seafood makes sense. Some of the prices not so much.
Man are those photos so very beautiful!!!! I'm in love with the Aussie Fish Market, for certain!

Thank you tons for sharing these Mick!!! Spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!

That absolutely made my entire day!!! Always share!!! Always!!! That's so magnificent!!! Amazing!!!

Cheers! - Leah
And these guys

Bugs to us, slipper lobster? shovel nose sand lobster maybe.

Then there is these which are sweet but fiddley,spanner crab.

Prices are pretty strong but its just not Xmas if your not eating prawns.

I will get some at my local fish shop today then do a little Thai inspired green mango salad with the grilled prawns on top.

Do you mind if I  just drop that in here?

Its shredded hard green mango,cress,peanuts,salad onion,mint,cilantro with a dressing of lime juice,fish sauce,palm sugar,chilli,rice vinegar.

Very popular here then its a choice of what grilled or BBQ  protein you put on top ,rare roo is nice, turmeric marinated chicken ,or ...

Have great day.
OK so now I want to try each and every single thing that's there Mick!

These look so INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

And OF COURSE you can put whatever you want into any of my threads (whether it's photos or postings or video or whatever) - no problem whatsoever to me - the more the merrier and I for one, just LOVE seeing all the different things and it's so damn fun!!!

Now I want to eat those!!!!!!! NOW! Smiles. It all looks so fabulous!!!!!!

Happy weekend!!!! Cheers! - Leah
The point of difference is that there some things that are Southern Hemisphere only & a few more that are just Aussie only.

I don't think our calamari is that different to yours BUT at the market you get your choice of 5 different ones either by state of origin or species. Octopus is normally 3 or 4 ,prawns its size grade but about 5 species,king x2,tiger,banana,school. Oysters its 2 or 3 types but its  all about region.

I will do some abalone soon.They are a sea snail that attaches to rocks that likes cold surging waters.They are strictly regulated,if you have a permit ( costs plenty & quota)then its diving with air hose line ,a bag ,a knife. Asian buyers drive the market they get very expensive but we have worked out a way to farm them.I think minimum size 6 inches across.

People have made fortunes as abalone divers but its dangerous thanks to sharks particularly  Great Whites. Also if you get caught commercial poaching,under size or bag limit you can go to prison . Sport fisherman  allowed about 6 .
You're so blessed with your supplies Mick! And I LOVE abalone, and also find the shell beautiful!

I'm still enjoying your fishy photos!!!!!!! Fabulous!!!!! Cheers! - Leah
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