liquid smoke ?

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Apr 14, 2015
has anyone here ever used liquid smoke for making "smoked sausage " ? just wondering if it might can be used as a shortcut instead of actually smoking the sausage
i use liquid smoke and i use my deydrator to get to temp, increasing temp like smoker.. i used up to 3 tbs to 5 pounds. but that depends on recipe and pork or beef. to me seems beef takes little less. most say start with 1tbs to 5 #'s to start. to mee not enough
Liquid smoke is in a lot of recipes including some hot dog and sausage recipes and some sauces. Wrights brand was the original and it's still just smoke and water (others have additional seasonings).

Although I smoke my hot dogs, I do add a small amount of liquid smoke, and I use Wrights brand.... but I order the Apple flavor. It's way milder than their hickory or mesquite (which is their strongest).
what i make is 100% pork smoked sausage , the only things i have ever added in the past has been , seasoning and cure , nothing else !!! and folks love em , but with as much trouble as it is to keep the smoking temps low , i have started wondering about adding the liquid smoke and skipping the actual smoking , i don't know if it would even work as i have never tried it , from what i have read about it its easy to over use it , so i was thinking about trying maybe 2 tablespoons per 5 lbs of meat ?
Actually I've been toying with the idea myself but haven't tried yet. I'm concerned about using too much.
2 tbs for 5# sounds like a lot....
2tbls for 5#'s wont be any more than a good smoke imho.. now i dont use oven i use my fan driven dehydrator. its done sooner and i can gradually increase temps
Liquid smoke - Wouldn't that be like using a condom on your honeymoon :emoji_laughing:

Sorry about that

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I use it sometimes. Especially on larger diameter summer sausage. I usually just add 2 tsp per 5 pounds. And make sure you use natural liquid smoke. TSM has good stuff.
2 tbs for 5# sounds like a lot....
I agree .
Have not used it in sausage , but always add to loins when I cure them . I put a cap full in the bag . Smoke after cured .
Nothing wrong with liquid smoke in my opinion .
I use Liquid Smoke, Colgin's, when making Oven Pulled Pork or Oven Ribs. I add 1 to 2Tbs to my Finishing Sauce or to a 1/2 Cup BBQ sauce and brush it on the Ribs the last 30 minutes. The flavor is good enough to fool some folks, and the family doesn't complain. You can get Smoke Powder, Smoked Maltodextrin too. That works great added to Rubs. Either should work in Sausage, considering more than one Commercial operation uses it in meat products...JJ
Never even considered using liquid smoke before I read this thread.
I guess I will have to buy a bottle & give it a try!
When I make jerky I use about 2 oz. of Figaro Liquid Smoke (any flavor) for 5 lbs of raw meat as part of my marinade. I mostly use beef eye-of-round. It gives a noticeable smoky flavor. I can probably cut the liquid smoke down to 1.5 oz with no problem, but I am not sure 1.0 oz. would get the jerky flavor profile I desire.
is there one that is all Hickory flavor ? , ( thats the only wood i use for smoking )
I have 2 bottles of Figaro Hickory in the cabinet . Made by the same people that make Crystal hot sauce . The directions say 4 TBLS to 1 pound of ground meat or sausage .
Here's my take on that amount . The amount is based on that fact that's artificial flavor ?
If it's made from actual condensed smoke I would bet the amounts are lower .
I would be curious to see the recommended amount from Wrights or the sausage maker .
Alton Brown has an episode on making your own . It's interesting . is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.