Lbs. To smoke a roast.

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Feb 2, 2021
I am just starting. I have a just received a pellet smoker. I am curious as to how many lbs of pellets to buy to complete a smoke of ribs and/or a roast. I would prefer not to run out in the middle of the cook.
I'd start by getting enough to fill the hopper on your smoker .
Amount used will vary . Doesn't hurt to have some on hand . I have 80 pounds in the garage .
I think mine says it will use 1lb per hour on average. BUT this is vey dependent on the outside temps. Hot Summer day = much less, dead of winter = much more. My Rec Tec holds 40lbs of pellets and that will last for several cooks easy.
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also - depending on where you live, look at he local online classifieds for people selling pellets. here in Utah there are a few guys selling Lumberjack pellets for $10 a 20lb bag. Which is a great deal.
Welcome home, rural king is a great place to buy pellets if you have 1 near, $8.88 for 20lbs of lumberjack
Lowes and some Walmarts have PitBoss competition blend pellets - around $16 for a 40lb bag. Will last many cooks. I use the competition blend alot. That will get you going if some of the other options mentioned above aren't available near you.

Good luck and enjoy!
I just picked up 4 bags of pit boss comp blend from WM for 14.98 a bag....Its winter so need some stock. I always like to have an extra bag on hand to make sure I never run out. I have water tight crate with a snapping lid that I keep the extra in.

But to answer your question, as others have said, just get a couple of 20 lb bags or a 40 and your good to go!
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