Last smoke of 2010 (for me, anyways)

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Meat Mopper
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Aug 9, 2009
Methuen, MA
I had planned a calm day, smoking some ribs and generally easing my way in to 2011.  It started that way but it became complicated.  I had a regular rack of ribs, from Market Basket, in the fridge and took 'em out about 6:45 AM:


I had mixed up my rub last night so that today would be easy.....

Butchered them out, St Louis style:


rubbed them:


wrapped them and put them back in the fridge:


My plan was to let them sit in the fridge until 1:00 and just spend the rest of the day tending them, gently  (oh so gently)...Little did I know my day's plans would soon explode into chaos.  (At this point i remind my gentle readers, "Never mess with Mrs. Murphy!").  We also had a delivery and (what we thought was) installation scheduled for a replacement dishwasher from a big box retailer).  My bride had been very clear "YOU install it!"

Well, guess what, we had a new dishwasher sitting in the middle of the kitchen and they didn't know anything about installing it.

OK, we needed the washer today so I started reading what I had to do to install it.  It had to be direct wired, since there wasn't a duplex receptacle for the dishwasher, just ROMEX coming out of the wall,   To wire it in you had to open the cover box.  A TORX screw....  OK I had a set of TORX screwdrivers.  AH but you have to have a UL or CSA strain relief for the wires.  Hey I got one of them, too!  Ah, but GOTCHA, I need a 3/8" compression by 3/4" hose fitting....(Part not supplied, check with your retailer or call Whirlpool)    SIGH   

Put the ribs in the GOSM at 225 with hickory, and allowed temps to stabilize for 25 minutes.  Then, off to big box retailer...

Believe it or not, they actually had the part.  I sat down with the manager and calmly explained that I was a disgruntled customer and went through what had happened.  I explained that i need the washer today and would install it myself, but I was not pleased with the situation.  He took notes and said he would research the issue and see what happened.  We'll see what comes of that.

Anyway, I got home with the parts and started installing as well as checking the smoker.  Many curse words, a little shed blood, lots of water from various leaks and low and behold, 3 1/2 hours later, the washer was in.  Some where in there, my 3 hours under smoke ended and i took a break to foil the ribs.  I slid the washer into its hole in the counter, adjusted the horizontal and vertical levels, bound the top to the counter, and completed the hookups.   Then I turned on the water ( for the 4th time) and, oh my gosh, no leaks!  Turned on the circuit breaker, and it didn't pop!

Time to unfoil the ribs!  I ran the temp up to 250 and put in more hickory for another hour.  I had time to make my sauce and french fries.  Here’s how the ribs finished! 


The dishwasher was installed and the ribs were done, the day didn’t go anything like the way I had it planned but the ribs tasted great and the dishwasher worked, so, the last day of the year has to be considered a success! 

Thanks for looking.
Thats determination. Great looking ribs. 
Great story!

Great looking ribs!

Dishwasher ready!

Throw your smoker racks in the Dishwasher & sit down & eat !!!!!!

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