Large Trailer Smoker For Sale 500 gallon 40 sqft

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Jun 27, 2019
Huntsville, AL
I'm a newbie here, so if this is an inappropriate post, please delete and let me know how to correct it.

Engineered and fabricated, the 3,000 lb reverse convection smoker has just over 40sf grill area, an oven, and burns with wood and charcoal.

Look up its facebook page to see all the fabrication pictures under "BearBQ".

The current smokestack is an exact scale replica of University of Alabama Denny Chimes! And yes, it smokes as good as it looks! If you want another smoke stack, we will change it for you.

Custom designed with years of research to get to this enhanced design.
500 gallon Propane Tank.
Tandem 6,000 lb mobile home is balanced, trails easy, and can run on the Interstate at 70mph easy.
Custom Trailer that will hold 2,000 pounds of your other gear/meat/ice.
Reverse Convection Smoking with ability to be a 4" water smoker, with drain, or can be a deep pit...I designed it to do it all!
Over 40 SF twin racks, removable grille spaces has smoked successfully AT ONCE 78 full turkeys, or 3 hogs, or 61 ten-pound pork butts...who knows how many hens, or ribs, or wings this thing could hold...
Room inside chamber for more racks and grille space.
Room on trailer for expansion or roof design.
Wood storage under tank easily holds 2 days worth of firewood for your competition weekends.
Firebox has steel wire hearth for efficiency and operable intake damper.
Pulley system balanced door lift is as functional as it is sexy.
Oven is not directly connected to firebox, it holds 350 degrees and can cook casseroles, pizzas, warming, etc.
Several thermometers, even more remote probe holes for your iGrille.
On a 40 degree day, it crosses the 150 chamber temp in 30 is extremely stable once up to your selected temp 200-350 degrees as you see fit.
There are no hot spots in the perfectly seasoned chamber.
We just put a new coat of paint on the metal and replaced the wood deck.
The is also perfect designed for use as a fundraiser, at high school during football games and routinely clears $1,000 per day/night profit! Or if you are a gas station BBQ stand, you'll love the attention it brings off the street!
In it's career, it has cooked over 7,000 pounds of pork butts, 600 pounds of turkey, 600 pounds of hogs!

This smoker is a personal design and sacred to my heart. It's time to move it to your organization, so I wish it to a great home. You will LOVE your purchase. It has been the talk at every competition, every fundraiser, it touches every true fan, the taste of the BBQ that comes off this thing is incredible. Make me a real offer, I have a good bit invested but need to sell it. Scams will be treated rudely.

If you are not a Bama fan, no worries. We love all teams. It'll cut the Denny Chimes off if it and weld you on a new smoke charge!

Thank you for looking! TEXT PREFERRED 256-520-9890. Visits by appointment only.


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