Labor Day Whole Hog

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Jun 6, 2012
Jacksonville, FL
Doing my 2nd hog for Labor Day and need help with sizing/dimensions. I have on order a 60lb dressed head off for the OKJ Longhorn which has a 40x19.5 cook area. Was concerned may be too big but looking around online I have seen posts of doing 100lb live weight head on in a camp chef. Anyone have dimensions of a 60,70,80 lb pig deessed? I prefer to do butterflied instead of Racer style

Lastly what sort of cook time we looking at. The OKJ likes to run 250-275 but I can keep it 230-250 if neded. From what I have read they are saying 90min per 10lbs
Forgot, what is best way hold if done early? I imagine wrapping in foil and keeping on smoker with lid open until fire does down then close lid is best. How long can you hold hog for?
Still havent decided on cook time. Thinking 12 hours way too long so may plan on 10. As far as injection rub here is plan

kosmo Q injection mixed with white peach grape juice
Small base layer of holy cow rub followed by liberal layer of john henry pecan rub
sauce at end will be 50/50 blues hog original and TN red
Picked up little piggy today. 60.5# as she sits below. She fits inside longhorn perfectly Racer style. I decided to go belly up and hacked off majority of legs.

one thing I noticed on this one different from last is the butts are tiny. Prob 1/3 size of Hams. Probably going to run hams toward firebox. One thing not sure of is time now. Plan was for 9 hours but feel like would be done in 6. Thoughts?

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Going to have to backfill with 2 butts due to number people coming now. Komodo Kamado prepped for early wake up call. Also got veggies and bacon prepped for dutchs beans

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Looks like it will be a fun cook. Only did 1 Whole Hog 30 years ago. 110 pounds took 12 hours, racer style. Fed 50 people and had plenty of leftovers...JJ
Looks good. I'd take the Head. Lots of good eating there...JJ is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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