Kinda-colo First taste

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Meat Mopper
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Nov 23, 2020
Had my first taste of my “kinda-colo”today. I was very pleased.

I call in kinda-colo because it’s not really cappicolo. I was afraid I didn’t have good enough humidity control for a full sized one. So what I did was pull a money-muscle from a butt. I ended up with a “colo” just over 2 pounds before cure. Followed Ruhlman’s recipe. Wrapped in collagen. Basted with mold 600 and hung in the fridge from February- May, unwrapped and washed off the mold, vac sealed to equilibrate. Done.

Taste and texture were very good. Tasted correct and had a nice nutty funk from the mold. I still don’t love the texture of the meat raw, though it makes a really good sammich.

Fried some up with eggs for breakfast. That was great!!

Diced up some to have on a pizza with feta and olives. Thinking that’s gonna be great too.



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I think it turned out pretty well from the pics. I think idea of raw meat, with an emphasis on "raw" might be clouding your mind and taste buds, much like how my kids didn't like to eat Au Gratin potatoes, even though they loved potatoes and they loved cheese. Once you convince yourself that these dry cured meats that go for 16 plus dollars/pound at your local market are a delicacy, much like raw fish/sashimi found at your local sushi bar (if you live on the West Coast), you can convince yourself pretty easily that it must be a real delicacy because no one would pay big bucks to eat raw meat if it wasn't. All in all, I'd dig in to your stash with no hesitation. The meat appears perfectly cured, and by your description, the flavor is right on target. Good job!
Looks good to me. I love a nice sandwich of Prosciutto with Sharp Aged Provolone, Fresh Mozz and Roasted Peppers on a crusty Italian Roll. But Coppa is a lot more flavorful and goes great with the above on a Sandwich. I do like Coppa better to eat on a Charcuterie Board, with a variety of Cheeses and Olives. Add the Crunchy Bread and a coupke Glasses of Red Wine, and I'm set...JJ is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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