Kettle Kentucky Chicken.

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Dec 25, 2010
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Ok i had to try it.

Couple breast, thighs and legs. Did 2 batches.

Get kettle to 400* I used my SnS with a few BnB charlogs mixed with the kingsford.

Buttermilk, 2 beaten eggs, whisk good and let the chicken in it over night.

2 boxes of kentucky chicken breader.

Buttermilk wash, dry, buttermilk, dry again then on the kettle indirect.
bottom vent open full, top open 1/4

Temp probe needs to be at grate as the heat goes across the top of the dome.
20 mins, flip, spray with cooking spray of your choice.
I didnt use the duck fat as my friend dont like it, but i bet it would have been good.



I had this breast a tad to close to coals.


Looks great Rick. Great color and looks nice and crispy. Was it very juicy? Great job.
Yes it was juicy.

My neighbor that we have been RVing with for few years is very picky, he said it was real good.

Thanks everyone.
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That came out great . Was the breading Kentucky Kernel seasoned flour ? That stuff is perfect on chicken . Nice cook .
MMMMMmmmm---It certainly looks better than Kentucky Fried Rocks!!
Nice Job, Rick!!

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