Kamado Joe Classic First Long Smoke - Brisket (no Sloroller)

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Jeremy Lee

Original poster
Nov 8, 2018
Hi all,

I'm getting ready to smoke my first brisket on the KJ Classic and wanted to know the best way to do it if I don't have the Sloroller. Is there something that can 'easily' be done in place of a Sloroller that would result in the same or similar results? I'm assuming the best I can do is to use the deflector plates in the lowest position + drip pan (in this case, I just have aluminum serving trays). Do I want to fill the drip pan with water (and if so, how much?)?

I have a V-rib rack to help with getting it to fit (it's just under 17lbs so I think it'll need it) and also picked up a Billows (and damper) to go with the Smoke X4 my buddy gave me. I haven't done any to the KJ otherwise and have one of those OnlyFire imitation kick ash baskets. I plan to use B&B Oak Lump and a few chunks of post oak that my friend gave me to try out.

I haven't used any of this or done a long smoke (well, longer than several hours, and that one I screwed up badly...overcooked ribs) so just looking for some guidance so as to not screw things up here haha.


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