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Kamado Fuel Question

Jake Harris

Joined Sep 17, 2018
Curious what charcoal brand some of you use in your kamado? Unfortunately, the best I can do around here without a long drive or ordering online is Cowboy lump. It seems to do pretty good but has lots of small pieces and the occasional rock. Any recommendations on where to order would be appreciated.
Joined Sep 18, 2018
I have been using the Kamado Joe lump charcoal. I get mine delivered from Amazon. I haven't yet tried any other, so I can't help on that end, but I find the KJ works well for me and not a lot of distorted flavoring that I hear others experience from some brands


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Shop around especially this time of year and you will find some great bargains, was never a fan of the Cowboy lump.


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I like the KJ Big Block, which you can get through Lowes as well as Amazon but my favorite is Fogo. I get the Fogo direct from them with free shipping. It's not the cheapest but it is the best I have found. I use it for long low and slow cooks and just use Royal Oak for the high heat cooks.


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Royal Oak lump is a good option, they may sell it in your Home Depot
Walmart sales this brand. I use it all the time, no problems. It seems to last just as long as the, more expensive, BGE lump.


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I use KJ Big Block in my Joe Jr since I get it for free! My SIL works at a distribution warehouse that ships Kamado Joe's to the Western U.S. They often get torn bags of KJ Lump that are torn when they come off the truck or get returned from the outlets. The K J Company tells them to just toss it because it's not worth the shipping to send it back to HQ.


Joined Feb 7, 2020
Royal Oak as well for most cooks. For Turkey or very neutral smoke try Rockwood. Can buy from his website or many Ace hardware store carry it.

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