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Apr 3, 2014
Toronto, Canada
If you look this up you will find a few versions.

Below is how I do it.

Back in December/January I salted then cold smoked a piece of belly.

After smoking I had it hung for drying for a bit, more than you would with bacon, but less than what you would do with air dried meats. Don't remember the exact times.

I refreshed it this morning for a bit

Then into a pot with spices.

It would be normally boiled but I want to cook this at around 160 for a while. Just a different approach.

It can be served warm with various sides. But we prefer eating it as cold cut.
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Nice. What would you compare the flavor to? Anything pork belly has to be good
It doesn't taste like bacon. And has the specific fat texture (since fat does not melt like it does when you cook bacon). Flavour close to the poached garlic/paprika backfat you saw me making, but without spices, meaty and more intense smoke.
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Normally boiled, what do you think about Sous Vide instead of boiling or steaming?
Both sous vide and steaming would be a better approach than boiling - since the piece won't soak in water, thus losing some of the smoke flavour. For sous vide though I would dry less since there is no added moisture during cooking.
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