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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm from Ontario, Canada.  I have no experience at all with smoking foods, but I would like to get started.  I do not own a smoker at this point but I found this forum and I am trying to absorb what information I can before deciding on which model to buy.
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    Welcome Moeparry.  Do you by chance own a grill ?
  3. yes, I own a Weber Summit S620 Natural Gas Grill
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    Sweet grill  [​IMG]     You can get your feet wet smoking some foods on it while you are researching and looking at a dedicated smoker.   Light burners on one end and put the meat on the other for some indirect action.     Use a smoke box or a AMNTS smoke generator and off you go.
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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
  6. I will certainly look into that provided the smoker box is cheap enough.  I dont want to spend much on it if I'm planning to buy a big smoker anyways.  I appreciate your input.
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    Smoke boxes are very inexpensive.   The one from Weber is stainless and costs $25 or so.   Heck, you can make wood chip/chunk pouches out of aluminum foil, poke some holes in it and use them on your Weber.    This would get you on the road to smoking while you figure out which smoker you really want.
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  8. Hello and welcome to the site. Look around ask questions see what your needs will be that will help you decide.

    Gary S

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